State Farm Commercial: “Furniture”

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State Farm is always there, with renters insurance, for when things go wrong. But also here, with a rewards credit card, to help life go right.

37 thoughts on “State Farm Commercial: “Furniture”

  1. TotoLakay

    The guy holding the wrench need a movie deal right now…He killed me with his acting. Perfectly nailed it. I found my new Horror comedy actor…I'm loving this commercial.

  2. EscapeToCostaRicaNow

    This thief with the crowbar should get some kind of commercial actor's Oscar!
    He carries this commercial with his excellent acting.
     The voice trembling when he says
    "I had to h.a.a.a.ave it."
     And his voice when he says " It's suueeede"
    I mean c'mon, that guy takes it to the bank. Who is he?


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