State Farm Commercial-“Following”

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One of the most beautiful commercials! Turn caring into doing!!

Song- Joy Williams cover of the Chainsmokers-Dont Let me Down.

I do not own this video and claim no right to it. Just simply sharing it so that many can see it and hopefully be touched by it.

29 thoughts on “State Farm Commercial-“Following”

  1. LadyNoir For life

    I want all of us to help our world but this humanity is horrible we all need to do our part to save our beautiful world and everyone in it! We all just sit around doing nothing while all that time we have is to save our people animals and things like that. Here is a list of things that are happening
    :Global Warming: This is killing animals innocent animals who need that cold to survive because of us….
    2. Veterans who need care: Veterans….. they saved our country and we don't thank them we just let them come back and be homeless no love no care!
    Animal Abuse or animals on the streets: You know how bad this is animal shelters all animals need love and care! No matter the look or anything they all need that warmth! AND STOP animal ABUSE!
    homeless: These people…. everyone deserves to have food and water and a warm place to sleep we all deserve it.
    These are just a few but there is so much more WE CAN ALL FIX!
    You can make a difference and if we all make our part well who knows we can stop this 🙂 Help save lives and animals whenever you pass someone or something in need help them if you can.

  2. Jed Set

    It's so funny how many people are being hypnotized into this shit. The basic message is that you better fucking help everyone you can or you're a monster. It's pretty retarded I should say.


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