Sporadic rain nationwide, cold to ease tomorrow afternoon

내일 전국 약한 비, 내일 낮부터 추위 풀림
Winter like conditions along with strong winds dominated the capital today. For more on the weather updates, let’s connect to Lee Jee-hyun at the weather center. Jee-hyun, this cold snap is expected to be short lived…right?

Yes, and all cold wave alerts have been lifted as of now. Tomorrow’s temperatures will be still below the norms but winds will die down and readings will be about 3 degrees higher than today. But we have rain in the forecast tomorrow as well.

Showers will start on Jeju Island in the morning, gradually spreading to the upper parts of the country, reaching the capital by the afternoon. Precipitation will range between 5 to 20 millimeters.
Fortunately, the rain won’t make conditions colder. Meanwhile, onto tomorrow’s temperatures,
Seoul and Daejeon will start out at 1 and 2 degrees Celsius, while Busan and Jeju Island will have lows of 9 and 11 degrees.

As for the highs,
Seoul, Daejeon and Gwangju will get up to 10 degrees Celsius.

The mercury will stay in seasonal averages for the time being with a slight chance of another round of showers on Sunday morning.

That’s Korea for you, here’s look at the weather conditions around the world.

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