Snow Plow Show – September 2nd, 2014 – Insurance Fraud and Reformed Hookers

This show full of insurance fraud and reformed hookers is sponsored by Ben from Australia.

Forget Me Not by Inspectah Deck
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Breaking News: All Frontier technicians are church-going saints who do not use foul language or talk bad about women.
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The ending song is called Kick Monday and it’s by Watsky and Mody.
Listen to Manic Mondays for weird music. It’s not really run by Insane Ian. It’s run by Devo Spice, but Ian filled in this week.
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21 Replies to “Snow Plow Show – September 2nd, 2014 – Insurance Fraud and Reformed Hookers”

  1. Summer wasn't officially over on the Sept 1st. The seasons aren't about weather or events, it's about the Earth's position around the Sun.

    Summer is officially over on the Fall Equinox. Winter won't official begin when it starts snowing in Dec, Winter officially begins with the Winter Solstice which is when it's the longest time of the year that the Sun is below the horizon (because to say "longest night of the year" is wrong, because once it's midnight, it's morning), which is Dec 21.

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