Sideswipe Crash – Insurance Fraud Prevented by DashCam


The woman in the Kia Sportage sideswiped me and later tried to lie and say I hit her. Her insurance company sent me a denial notice saying it was 50-50 as my word against hers until I sent them the dashcam footage. My $75 Mobius dashcam saved me $3000 in repair costs and car rental fees.

See the full story in my video about it:

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Editing Software: Corel VideoStudio X8

Cars/Cameras used:

Red 2007 Toyota Camry: Front – Mobius Action Cam


  1. everyone needs those little circle blindspot mirrors, i have two pick up trucks with them and i dont have blind spots due to having them on the mirrors i can see if someone is next to me period. but good job on you not slamming on the brakes cutting the wheel and way over reacting as some people do, do you even have any damage?…. edit never mind i paused at 1:25 to write that, i see it now. that sucks

  2. That really sucks man! I hate it when people pass me, pace me, then try to change lanes into me. Luckily they've always swerved back into their lane when I honk, but I have to wonder why this lady didn't. Hopefully your insurance and repair experiences are hassle-free.

  3. Something as simple as shoulder check or adjusting your mirrors to eliminate blind spots could have prevented this accident. Glad it wasn't any worse than just the cosmetic damage on your car. Stay safe man :)

  4. Dang man. She seemed either completely oblivious that she hit you or she panicked for a few seconds. Seems like all of the cammers this week are having a hard time. You, me and one of Napa's drivers from his previous compilation. I'm going to nominate Halomastermind117 or Bad Drivers of Southern California to have the next accident. I still say it's the summer heat getting into everyone's heads. Also, how the heck did she not see you after passing you? There are multiple lanes and only two options and you didn't have your turn signal on.

  5. You should've used the "don't you know who I am?" tactic…after all, you're pretty famous around here.

    Glad she was nice about it…you were too. Thought I was gonna see a hit, run, and chase video for a minute there.

  6. Wow that sucks. I hope everything works out with your car. I was just side swiped about a month ago in the parking lot near paseo and coors. Hit and run… estimated around $1200…

  7. Well, here I am showing up fashionably late to the party!
    I'm at a loss for how she comes up on a bright red car and "thinks" it took the exit!
    I think her eyeballs need an update!!!!

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