Short Term Health Insurance: Flexible & Inexpensive Coverage

Short term health insurance provides inexpensive and flexible coverage against all injuries and illnesses. The medical coverage under this insurance plan ranges from 30 days to 12 months. They are specifically designed for individuals as well as families who do not need any coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Mostly, these plans are open to those who are in-between jobs or waiting for another insurance coverage to become effective again. They make an ideal choice for fresh graduates, people waiting on healthcare, people in non-traditional jobs, people in career transition, temporary employees looking for medical benefits, self-employed, or even those seeking affordable option to have COBRA coverage. Foreign students can also avail this kind of insurance coverage.

These temporary health plans include hospitalization, emergency care, preventive health programs, and prescription drugs. Depending upon the plan, the insurer can avail the medical or healthcare profits and benefits. These plans often cost just one time. They are flexible and allow the holders to pay on monthly basis. They may even have a single payment choice. They are inexpensive as compared to regular individual health insurance policy. The main advantage is you can easily drop this temporary insurance plan whenever you wish.

Generally, these plans have a limited lifetime. Normally, they cannot be renewed. After the tenure of a plan is finished, the insurer has to find health insurance coverage with a plan designed for long term. If you need a long term plan, you can easily find it through the short term insurance providers.

Applying for Temporary Health Insurance Policy

The application process to get a short term health policy is very easy than any regular long term insurance policy. Short term health coverage starts within 24 hours of your application submission. If you want to start immediately, you just need to pay your first premium by furnishing a valid credit card number. Most of these insurance plans offer a 30 days minimum coverage. At the end of your health insurance policy, the health insurance companies will let you re-apply for another temporary plan, if required by you.

What you need to remember is this short term policy is not intended for people who want to have pre-existing medical coverage.

The Beneficiaries

This kind of plan is actually meant for healthy people. Since it is inexpensive and can offer high coverage, it is suitable for the following sections:

* Part time and temporary employees who do not need coverage against a pre-existing medical condition

* Fresh college graduates seeking temporary health insurance policies.

* Youngsters over 18 years of age.

Thus, if you are looking for a temporary plan to have medical coverage for a short period of time to have protection against unexpected health related expenses, you can opt for this plan that offers many benefits like any other standard health insurance plans. Have security and stability with your medical coverage with this plan now. What you need is to conduct a quality research on the internet to find out which insurance policy can work best for you to get the best coverage for unexpected health alarms.

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