16 thoughts on “Saints Row 3: Insurance Fraud

  1. Tom Matthew

    @evillord77 Hey bro, try jumping into the cars instead of using the triggers. I couldn't do it either til i started jumping into the cars. When you do it you will go flying in the air, from there you just want to try to hit as many cars in a row or hit some head on really hard, or even continue to bounce on the same car again and again. I couldn't do it til I tried this. I did it with 4.55 seconds to spare and with our using the bonus areas. Hope this helps mate :)

  2. Spo8

    @evillord77 Not impossible, but you have to use Adrenaline mode like crazy. Part of it is definitely luck, but you can get single combos that are over 70k or so.

  3. Spo8

    @MAGxx94 I imagine you already found out by now, but in case other people are wondering, you get the costume after finishing the Decker part of the campaign in the Tron type world.


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