Real Death Panels = Private Health Insurance

A northern California man said his insurance carrier refused to pay for treatment of more than a dozen tumors, reported KPIX-TV.

Jeffrey Rusch, of Sonoma County, said an MRI revealed more than 20 tumors in his brain, and a CT scan two days later revealed a large tumor in his lungs and others in his liver and bones…

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33 thoughts on “Real Death Panels = Private Health Insurance

  1. darttoyou1

    Im sure that Congress  and the Supreme court jesters have great health insurance policies, and until they get the same benefits as the common folk, they will just talkie talk.

  2. lxiv64

    Where are Michele Bachmann and the other anti-ACA fearmongers now to wail against the REAL death panels? They are so quiet about these real-life situations because their masters are pulling their leashes. Health care should be every citizen's right guaranteed by the federal government, not left to the caprices of for-profit private health care organizations.

  3. Rin Aldrin

    My boyfriend lives in Ireland, his grandma when she was near the end had all this hospital equipment brought to her home so she could be at home during her final days and they even had doctor visits to check on her. He is confused when I tell him that something like that is considered a luxury in the US and yet it didn't cost any of them a penny.

  4. hhoinfo

    I used to live in a little town right on the US border.  My wife took me to the hospital in Canada once because it was closer than a US hospital.  I was treated no problem and it did not cost a dime.  How come Canada can do it and the US can't ?

  5. tubester4567

    That's the thing with US conservatives, they warn us of government "death panels" but there has already been private "death panels" for years. Private insurance even denies ANY cover to many people with serious conditions. As Kyle says, this would NEVER happen in any other western country and the quality of care is just as good. In fact , in Australia we have a public system AND a private system, people can choose which system they want, that's true freedom.

  6. Tangle2Brook

    I agree this is awful and also favor universal access to affordable healthcare. I lived in Germany (west Germany then) in the 70s and thought that system was fine.

  7. Kraz Samosval

    I almost feel guilty that I have universal healthcare (socialized medicine) in my country, when so many good people in the USA get screwed over and for what?It cant be all about PROFIT I guess that soon the USA will have to develop a universal health care system because a civilized country cant allow their own people to be exploited to such an extent.Its sad to see good average citizens die because of a broken system.

  8. The Aviansie

    I wouldn't describe Zeitgeist as being liberal, they seem closer to anarchists than anything. Plus, I remember joining in on it for a bit, saw Bill Clinton was speaking at an event of theirs, decided "yeah no this might be bullshit"

  9. daviddumbledore

    Weaseling out of contracts, rescission departments and all, is EXACTLY the way European insurance companies do it as well. Just look at their ostentatious steel and glass palaces in city centers all over Europe – how could the insurance companies afford those if not by following the same inhuman and greedy business strategies you are describing so very much to the point? I personally know of several people with serious conditions who had paid their compulsory (!) dues and were turned down for phony reasons. Go ask in Germany, Austria, Italy. Insurance companies and their henchmen are held in the lowest esteem possible over here. Ask Australians, too. That's not to say the US couldn't do more for their working class, but self-shaming is probably not the solution. Sorry to say: We don't have a solution either, except maybe for abolishing the monetary system altogether, which sadly isn't going to happen any time soon. 

  10. tommy g

    2 problems here im sure i could find 1 person who is less far gone than that guy who didnt get treatment anywhere in the world one bad case is not proof the system needs to be torn down and america should be like the E.U. and regardless there has to eventually be a death pannel you cant expect the insurance company to keep some one whos dying with massive medical issues like this guy i mean to what pointmdo you take this are they expected to keep him on life support for 40 years of course theres a death pannel

  11. BuddhaBebop

    you want life saving treatment? fuck you pay me. gotta love the rightwing regardless their insipid schisms trying to pass itself off as not rightwing

  12. solrinin

    I've always wondered why American likes to take on the shittiest systems out there and run rampant with them…Should we use the metric measuring system that uses base-10 logic that everyone understands, or the imperialist measuring system that uses the "whatever-fucking-number-that-popped-into-my-head" logic that almost everyone needs a conversion chart to remember? Let's go with the imperialist system! Should our ISPs considered common carriers like the phones and therefore everyone gets the same good service throughout the country, or should we let ISPs kill net neutrality by letting them acts as the gatekeepers of the internet? Kill net neutrality so ISPs can make more money! Should we have a national health care system so you don't have to worry about money when you get sick, or our private health insurance system that puts a bunch of middle men in between you and your doctors and make the prices of all medical procedures sky-rocket? Let's use the private healthcare system!

  13. Winged Raven

    This doesnt even happen in my old country and its developing…….   they have the same treatments that muricans have access to but they dont pay if they dont have the money for the medical care.

  14. Andy Murphy

    It's true what you said about Australia's healthcare system. Although our current fool of a Prime Minister, Tony Abbot, is trying to change it all in to a more Americanised system. He has decided to mimic the most ridiculed healthcare system in the developed world. Genius move.


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