Ready for Anything Commercial – Veterinary Pet Insurance

With a plan in front of you, and Veterinary Pet Insurance behind you, you’re ready for anything. Find out more about pet health insurance from VPI at

4 thoughts on “Ready for Anything Commercial – Veterinary Pet Insurance

  1. Tarynn Adams

    The worst Pet Insurance you can get. Why pay for the Major Medical Plan when they will find a way to not reimburse for anything. At first they want to say they won't cover it because there was potential trauma prior to adopting him (who in their right mind would let a dog limp for 4 months if that was the case). Then when they realize that's not the case they try to blame it on it being Congenital and when they realize that won't work either (because we don't know what kind of dog he is) they file the diagnosis as something they won't cover. Even with written diagnoses from the Veterinarian this company filed the claim against the initial diagnose. Best to just save your money in a separate account instead of giving it to them every month. They are a huge scam.


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