Progressive Insurance refused a reasonable settlement for a car wreck claim – no fault of mine

I was in a auto accident and Progressive was the responsible insurance company. I was unduly harassed by the claims adjuster from Progressive who was demanding I settle within a few hours of the car crash. The tactics used by Progressive Insurance is nothing short of unethical methods of ‘undue influence’ by using my (impounded) vehicle as leverage to get me to accept the lame ass settlement offer proposed by Progressive southeastern.

Here is the situation:
I hired a lawyer to represent me in my injury claim, my attorney was able to get Progressive to pay the towing and storage, after I heard my attorney arguing with the claims agent with progressive insurance. My vehicle was towed to my residence (returned in non-running condition) and Progressive has made no attempt to repair this vehicle or provide suitable transportation during the past ten months following this accident where Progressive’s insured was at fault as indicated in the images. Note: Progressive’s insured was cited with a moving violation (accident involved).

My medical claim is a similar situation. Progressive was only willing to pay the medical bill and will not consider I have a loss of income due to my injury and a permanent disability as a result of their insured’s negligence. My attorney filed suit against the other driver before Progressive made any offer beyond the actual medial cost. Progressive insurance has no intent of settling this claim citing it is nothing but Insurance Fraud.

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  1. insurancegame

    This is the main way the insurance companies do business, they accuse you of fraud to hopefully scare you off and they keep all the money. The insurance companies love to show all the videos about insurance scams but they're the real scammers because they refuse to properly compensate the injured.


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