Progressive Insurance never paid for my car accident (Progressive is Responsible)

Progressive Insurance refused to repair my vehicle or replace it when Progressive’s insured slammed into my car. The claims agent with Progressive Insurance deemed the car a total loss and refused to replace the car. The man in claims refused to pay the towing charges and kept telling me the car would be returned the next day, this went on for a week and finally demanded I settle or Progressive would not pay any towing charges (Sounds like extortion to me). Once I informed my lawyer that I had no car, my attorney telephoned the man in claims and argued with Progressive that Insurance can not hold my vehicle to influence a settlement.
This vehicle had recently been rebuilt to meet stringent safety standards. Progressive did not consider the current condition of the car in their one-time offer. Here is a list of the upgrades done to this vehicle that was wrecked due to another driver’s negligence.
Genuine factory engine, New Transmission, new clutch, new radiator, new struts (4), new springs on front suspension, new ball joints, new strut mounts (4), new brakes (rotors, drums & calipers) all components were replaced with better quality than OEM. Air conditioning compressor, receiver dryer, expansion valve and blower motor were also replaced. this is the majority of components replaced in the last two years and have accumulated less than 40,000 miles on the new components.
I am sick and tired of getting bent over by Progressive Insurance!

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