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  1. Maria Mendez

    Just a word of advice Insurance is based on statics ( meaning they do studies and go based on that ) second if you are young driver, insurance is will always be high because young people do not have alot of driving experence and are most likely to get into an accident verses someone older with more driving experence. Third it is not how much money your paying to a certain extent but what your policy covers and for what limit. This is peoples bigges problem they just assume instead of asking 

  2. Matthew88

    I feel State Farm did me dirty. They did have a good rate, but one day they up and dropped me for no reason whatsoever, then were really rude and unprofessional when I went to the local office and questioned them about it. I wasn't late on payments or anything. They randomly sent me checks in the mail, and I would ask the local office what it was for, and they would tell me to bring it to them, that I wasn't supposed to get it. It was just really weird. Now I have Allstate. Haven't had any trouble out of them yet. I pay a mere $48 a month, and that's for the second to highest coverage. My quote through Progressive was $35 a month, but I'm scared to change.

  3. ByeByeMissAmericaPie

    Progressive sent me two of the snapshot plug-ins, one for each car. My wife still has the one in her car. I unplugged mine early on. Progressive thought that I may have been issued a defective snapshot and send me a replacement but I had the same problem with the second one.

    The plug-in beeps each time it thinks that you've made a hard stop. The beeping got real annoying after a few days and I found that it was unsafe to leave it plugged in. Unless you drive like your eighty years old and come to a crawl each time you need to make a turn, the plug-in beeps and punishes you for bad driving. Likewise when you make a stop at a light or stop sign. It punishes you unless you stop slow enough so not to spill an over-filled cup of coffee. Let's not even mention if some idiot pulls out in front of you and you have to lock-up your brakes to avoid an accident. The plug-in is unsafe at any speed. It tries to condition the driver to drive only to prevent the snapshot plug-in from beeping, thus making it unsafe.

  4. Jimmy Rustled

    I just wanted to let you people know what I saw today in Key west
    florida. A Progressive Insurance adjuster, vehicle number
    0592 was driving down the road with his laptop open on his lap propped
    up on the steering wheel…through a school zone no less, with children in crosswalks..he was looking
    down at laptop when I was beside him on a motorcycle. I confronted him
    about it but he just yelled something and gave me the finger…and then
    he tried to cover laptop with his hand to try and hide screen….he
    continued to look at laptop as he turned left at light..I kept going
    straight, he turned left at light

  5. mick cv

    Convertible Top got cut up, I called insurance they said it's not our fault and didn't pay. Good explanation makes a lot of sense and is believable. Plugs in device which shows you're a risky driver and they force you to pay to end your contract…again very believable since there are no contracts and is prorated by the day if you quit. Shadiness factor of your video over 9000


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