Private Mortgage Investments With Pro Funds – 10%-18% RRSP RIFF LIRA RESP Eligible

Private Mortgage Investments With Pro Funds RRSP RIFF LIRA RESP Eligible

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Learn how to earn a return and significant cash flow in private mortgages by lending out your registered RRSP. LIRA, RESP, RIF and cash funds. At Pro Funds Mortgages, we focus on earning our investors large cash flowing returns (of between 10% and 18% annually) through private mortgages.

In this episode, Carmen Campagnaro speaks with Rav Toor about her personal values in the business acting as a broker for real estate investors, builders and developers.

After Rav and Carmen talk, Special Guests John and Blair make an appearance on the show to discuss their most recent investment experiences and how their experience has worked to date. Blair specifically speaks about how he invested in a project in London Ontario using his RRSP and earned a consistent $600 per month return, deposited directly into his bank account. This was a first mortgage (specifically a syndicated mortgage, which means it was composed of multiple investors) and it featured a very straight-forward process which resulted in a very easy final deposit of his principal back into his bank account upon maturity. Blair explains just how easy it was because the lawyer that represented him on the investment handles all the paperwork and logistics.

After our two special investor clients made their appearance on the show, a third special guest, Lou, showed up on set to give his opinion on the process as a borrower of private money.

Lou is a long time developer and “a man with a plan”. In his discussion with Carmen and Rav, Lou speaks about what he uses the borrowed funds for. Lou likes to get into projects where he can add value. So he will buy a zoned piece of land, subdivide it into separate lots and then add in servicing such as sewers and roads to instantly add value and security to the investment.

Lou and Pro Funds are very diligent about picking their projects and will only get into a deal when the numbers work. We as Pro Funds, our investors and our borrowers alike have a very clear understanding that these transactions only work when everyone wins. We focus on helping everyone to win. So whether you have RRSPs, a RIFF, Mutual funds, LIRAs RESPs or just cash investments, why not consider investing in private mortgages to improve your monthly cash flow and improve your overall returns.

This is what you need to know about mortgages:

Mortgages are secured on real estate and feature a contractual return. This means that your return is fixed and legally binding. So where normal investments fluctuate and offer no indication of what you will earn, with Pro Funds Mortgages we take pride in removing the uncertainty.

We focus on creating a secure investment by ensuring that the value of the property the mortgage being lent on exceeds the amount borrowed. This means that there is equity in the property to protect your investment and keep your money safe. For more information about how to get involved in private lending through your registered funds or cash, please visit our website or give us a call.


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