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A short interview with the folks from Private Health Insurance Must Go.

The Private Health Insurance Must Go! Coalition (PHIMGC) is a growing and diverse New York City-based non-partisan organization focused on education, legislative advocacy and direct action in the fight for single-payer healthcare reform and HR 676.

Our core mission is education–laying out the basic facts about the American health care system. These are damning facts that the private insurers are trying so hard to keep out of the healthcare debate.


The private health insurance industry is responsible for up to 30% of our insurance premiums being wasted on basic administration. Our money is misspent on false advertising, along with the salaries of employees whose job it is to challenge claims, and armies of D.C. lobbyists who bribe and bully elected officials to represent the industry above the will of the people. This waste, estimated to be anywhere from $180-350 billion per year, is diverted from making sick people healthy, and from enabling healthy people to stay that way.

Americans are tired of being abused and harassed by their private health insurers. Claims for life-saving procedures are denied, resulting in avoidable deaths. In addition, thousands of people with health insurance end up in bankruptcy every year due to uncovered healthcare expenses, and this is quickly becoming the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States.

In an oftentimes futile attempt to receive fair compensation for their services, physicians are spending more and more of their time dealing with the billing departments of insurance companies rather than seeing patients. This frustration is causing some to leave the profession, exacerbating the shortage of medical professionals in our country.

Health insurance companies have approval ratings just slightly higher than those of tobacco companies because of one very simple reason: they are not in the business of providing healthcare at all. The private insurers are in the business of maximizing profit by denying care, thereby putting their customers at risk of serious health injury and death.


Several of the candidates running for President have proposed so-called “Universal Coverage” plans, but which are better described as “mandate” and “subsidize” plans. The mandate part means that the government forces you to buy the insurers’ defective product. And the subsidize part means your tax dollars will be handed over to the insurers, boosting their bottom line. The “centrist” candidates shilling for these plans have all taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the insurance industry. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions the health insurance industry spends manipulating public opinion and spreading fear to ensure that their gouging of America will continue forever.

There can be no national system of guaranteed quality health care for all in the United States as long as it includes the private health insurers. To cover the entire country, without bankrupting it in the process, we must realize massive cost savings. The easiest way to accomplish this is to cut out the middleman and move to a national publicly financed and privately delivered system for providing comprehensive non-profit health INSURANCE to everyone.


The private health insurance industry has billions of dollars and thousands of lobbyists in Washington, D.C. to fight us by stoking the political fires with anti-government bigotry and propaganda. They will dishonestly call this socialism and repeat the same tired lies about how publicly funded health care systems don’t work for other countries. However, they do work. They save money, improve health outcomes, and save lives.

The people of the United States are increasingly aware that insurance-company greed is the reason our health care system is being allowed to rot. More and more of our neighbors are turning away from anti-government zealotry and are supporting genuine health care reform: a publicly funded, privately delivered national healthcare program.

Groups like ours are fighting to create a large grassroots movement to ensure that we get real reform, not another bandage. The well-organized voice of the majority of Americans will not be silenced by insurance-industry greed.

17 thoughts on “Private Health Insurance Must Go

  1. damngoodphil

    Tell that to the millions of people who can't afford healthcare because they've either lost their job or have gone broke from medical bills. Healthcare is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

    I don't know about you, but I like knowing I can call the police, or the fire department, or go to the library, and not have to pay for it. There's no reason why the government can't get their act together on this. It's wrong and immoral. Case closed.

  2. damngoodphil

    Well, we may differ on the first point, but I agree also on focusing on maximizing utility.

    Secondly, I may be paying for those other services through taxes, but at least I know it's not going directly to a "for-profit" system. The government used to (and still does) do great things; the problem is the PEOPLE we've put in power (i.e. the people in the last 25 years). Hopefully this will change in the coming years.

  3. buddhagem

    Well, I'll tell you what an even worse idea is: spend twice as much as everyone else per person on health care and only cover maybe a third of the population. Now if I told you we could spend half as much money on health care and provide to three times as many people, wouldn't that make you an idiot for not wanting that? You'd rather pay twice as much and get a third less services? Not smart. Not very smart.

  4. damngoodphil

    "It's the government forcing responsible people to pay for irresponsible people who, through their free pass, drive up health costs"

    What about just paying for the common good? Yes, the system (let's say single-payer for example) isn't foolproof and may be abused, but what system isn't? By completely shutting people out, you're still denying care to people who really need it. That's w-r-o-n-g.

  5. damngoodphil

    So someone with cancer, who got it through no fault of their own and can't pay for treatment because they have no coverage, is allowed to die in lieu of someone with the same case who won't because they can afford coverage? How does this work?

    Oh, and I hate to play devil's advocate, but I'd bet all the health insurance money in the world that there'd be less "self-destructive people" if they had free access to mental and medical services that might enable them to stop being self-destructive.

  6. Darius Engel

    Besides being instrumental in founding a new branch of the socialist party in Florida, I also coordinate intensive grass roots work. Come down to Miami as we march for socialism on May Day. Thats right through the Cuban exile community, where do you live and March?

  7. damngoodphil

    "If fat people had to pay for their health problems, I guarantee there'd be far fewer fat people."

    Um…they already do. And they're still fat. In fact, obesity has become en epidemic in recent years.

    Do you really believe these things you're saying? Because if you do, I need to know what kind of drug you're taking that would make you so delusional.

  8. buddhagem

    It's cute that would confuse views on one YT video with a movement to reform health care. Go outside. There's a whole world out there. You may be surprised.

  9. twizatch

    No, I can average out the majority of your video views to tell me that you are a minority in your thoughts.

    Don't start bashing on youtube like it isn't a wealth of information (good & bad). You yourself insult mainstream media & tell people to look for other sources, as I was independently doing. I just so happen to stumble upon your worthless rants.

    Youtube is extremely popular across many demographics. If your video topic had any support, it would most definitely have tons of views.

  10. buddhagem

    Funny, then you'd have to explain why the majority of Americans for the past three decades have supported single payer health care. Why is that Einstein? If you had a clue you'd know that public opinion is highly studied in this country and that the majority of Americans want meaningful health care reform. I have no problem with being in the minority on issues, but health care isn't one of them. Learn to think, kid.

  11. TenderTrap715

    Forget the government.

    Forget the insurance industry.

    Keep the bill between you and your doctor. Costs are much, much lower in cocierge or boutique doctor clinics. You're only paying for the treatment you get. No administration fees, exorbitant costs to pay peopel to fight for insurance claims, sky high malpractice costs and higher taxes.

    No beuracracy. No monopoly.

  12. Max Maxium

    How about this? Since the Republicans are pleased to pay high premiums they don't have to participate on the single Payer System.
    So when they turned down or dropped, the Democrats will still be covered by single payer. 


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