Private Health Insurance Is Evil

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Only is Stupid America could all sides involved acknowledge a common enemy and yet fail to do anything about it. Insurance companies take your premiums and make a killing off it by playing the markets with it tax free of course. Until we get the for profit element out of health care, the focus will never be in the right place and the problems will only get worse, not better.

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10 thoughts on “Private Health Insurance Is Evil

  1. jeffhardynextwweman2

    I thing I do not get is private insurance companies ran the same way life insurance companies do as well? In Canada we have free healthcare no private companies it is great that is the way it should be in Amerca as well and our runs fine you do not need private insurance and assume they are the best care because you pay for it.

  2. DubStackG

    Only in dumb dick America, lol. Jeff you are so right. In my opinion all forms of insurance are a rip off of the highest order and the government is corrupt and that's the main reason why insurance is forced upon Americans even more than taxes. Medical, Life, Home, Car, etc. they even have insurance for household repairs now. And like you said the likelihood of a insurance buyer ever getting their moneys worth out of what they pay into any insurance program is a joke, which of course makes these company's and their investors free money hand over fists.

  3. starryxnights36

    I've been in the UK for the past 10 months. I'm able to get the same care, the same medications and same level of service as I had in the states. I love having the ability to walk into the doctor's office and walk out not worried how I'll pay for the copay. That's another thing in the states, you pay all of this money for insurance but STILL have copays and they go up each year or so as well. Talk about sucking you dry. 

    Great series, keep it coming I can't agree with you more on the stuff you post. 🙂 


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