Primary Care Practitioners Can Rejoice

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On March 23, the President signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) into law. However, many practices haven’t noticed significant impacts from the legislation as yet. But in the coming year, you could see huge boosts from it as CMS has proposed incorporating many of the law’s features into 2011’s Physician Fee Schedule.

CMS released its proposed Physician Fee Schedule for the coming year. This document, which will be published in the July 13 Federal Register, offers various advantages to medical practices, including bonuses for primary care physicians.

As per the proposal, primary care practitioners will benefit from a 10 percent bonus starting January 1, as prescribed in the PPACA.

Practitioners who qualify will be physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or physician assistants with the primary specialty designation of family medicine, internal medicine, geriatric medicine, or pediatrics.

In order to qualify for the 10 percent bonus, the law stipulates that the primary care practitioners will have to bill a minimum of 60 percent of their allowed charges as primary care services. These are defined by Evaluation/Management codes 99201-99215, nursing facility or rest home care codes 99304-99340, or home services codes 99341-99350.

The rule we’re proposing today is just one part of the adminstration’s endeavor to boost the health status of Medicare beneficiaries by increasing access to preventive services and promoting early detection and prompt treatment of medical conditions.

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