Pointers on Pet Cat Insurance

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Cat insurance is available in many flavors and they all have different costs with different toppings. You have to select a cat insurance policy that works best for your beloved feline family member. The pet cat population in America is far greater than the pet dog population and cat insurance policies are available to ensure complete wellness for the animal and financial support for the pet parent.

A low-end cat insurance policy will give your pet limited protection and can work fine till the animal is young and fit. However these policies do not offer protection for chronic conditions and diagnostic check-ups are not included as well.

Medium-priced and lifetime cat insurance policies are better options – particularly if you are enrolling late for a pet insurance policy. Lifetime pet insurance is expensive, therefore you should first find out the insurance company’s policies on the caps and limits on these insurance policies. Find out how the company defines a chronic condition. Are there any annual limits on the payouts? Is there an age limit for the pets on the policy? Whatever the type of pet cat insurance, you should have an idea of the annual premium and the excess amount. The excess is the value that you have to bear before the insurance company pitches in. The excess amount is directly linked to the premium value. Low premiums attract a high excess.

Do not wait for later in order to enroll for cat insurance. Age-related illnesses will make the insurance expensive for you. Get your vet’s opinion on the best policy suited to your cat’s needs and your budget. Your pet’s pet can also guide you on how good a given insurance company is when it comes to customer relationship and prompt handling of claims.

There are many costs that you should compare and consider. Online cost comparison is the cheapest and fastest way out there to compare pet insurance plans. In case you own an exotic cat breed you may be interested in cat theft / lost cat insurance. Accident cover is another thing if you may wish to look into particularly if your cat is independent minded and takes off on its own for walks returning home when it wants to. There is something known as cat emergency insurance that enables you to file a claim to recover costs for events postponed or abandoned because your cat has had to face an emergency.

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