PETPLAN Pet Insurance update 2016

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In this video I explain the benefits of having pet insurance and go over the pet insurance that I have which is petplan pet insurance in the US. They recently made some changes to their policies so I wanted to do a updated video highlighting these changes and explaining everything you need to know about pet insurance with this great company!
I am not paid by petplan nor do I get free insurance (I wish!) to do this review. I just wanted to share my experience since I have had them for years.

If you would like to get a petplan policy and would like to mention our name as who you heard about them , I do participate in their referral program. Just call them at 1-866-467-3875 and give our email

Petplan’s website is

11 thoughts on “PETPLAN Pet Insurance update 2016

  1. Catherine Duart

    I totally agree!  I have pet insurance for my Ginger.  It is a must these days!  What I also have just for her is the Synchrony Care Credit Card.  I put her medical charges on this card and depending what you spend you get 6 month, 12 month, etc. interest free.  Then all you do is pay the bill when the insurance company sends you your check and the remaining balance still qualifies for what interest free plan they gave you when you initially charged.

  2. sherry mendes

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  3. sherry mendes

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  4. sherry mendes

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  5. Rikki Cheese

    Thank you for this video! I panicked when I got notifications of the changes. You spelled it out extremely well. I have two healthy and very large dogs who need insurance due to our very active lifestyle. You gave me a great foundation of questions to ask to compare policies. Again, thank you. You and your pup are gorgeous!!!


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