Pet Insurance Comparison Chart

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Once you buy your new pet, one important thing that you will need to think about is how to go about getting your beloved pet insured. In the event that your pet falls ill, you will be better off having pet insurance plan in place so as to avoid paying expensive vet bills all by yourself. The good news is that the costs of pet insurance are far less than what you may be forced to cough up in the event that your pet is diagnosed with a serious illness.

Pet insurance comparison charts are ideal for helping pet owners to determine the benefits of certain insurance companies over others. A good pet insurance comparison chart will be able to show you the costs of pet insurance as offered by different companies. The cost of pet insurance is normally dependent on various factors including the breed, age and present health condition of the pet. The cost you have to pay for your pet insurance will also depend on the area in which you and your pet reside, as well as any past health problems that your pet may have had. The average cost of pet insurance for a dog is between $20-30; while that for a cat may cost anywhere from $15-20. Most pet health insurance plans will cover a majority of illnesses including wounds, cancer, chemotherapy and diabetes. However, it is important to note that not all pet insurance companies will offer coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Below is a look at certain information that you may find on a pet insurance comparison chart which shows the premium amounts, deductibles, benefits, reimbursements as well as certain benefits offered by top pet insurance companies.

Embrace Pet Insurance: The Embrace Pet Insurance Plan offers $25.86 in premiums, $10,000 in maximum benefits $100 in deductibles, as well as 75%-80% reimbursement ‘Continuing Care Coverage’ and ‘Dental Illness Additional Coverage’.

Veterinary Pet Insurance: The VPI Superior Plan offers $27.00 in premiums, $14,000 in maximum benefits, $50 in deductibles and 90% reimbursement. This pet insurance plan also covers diagnosis, anesthesia and chemotherapy. This is a good plan which covers over six thousand health conditions or medical problems that pets suffer from.

QuickCare Pet Insurance: The QuickCare Accident Only Dogs plan offers $10.95 in premiums for dogs and $9.95 for cats. There is no maximum annual or lifetime benefit on named perils, although 100% reimbursement is offered. The QuickCare Complete Dogs offers $57.90 in premiums for dogs while the amount of premium to cover cats is $38.45. Under the QuickCare pet insurance plan, the maximum benefits for accidents are on per incident basis, the maximum benefits for Illness Categories are on a pet lifetime basis, while the maximum benefits for Supplemental Coverage are as stated on the document of Insurance. This plan also offers 70% reimbursement and all accidents and illnesses are covered as well. The QuickCare Gold Dogs offers $30.95 in premiums for dogs while the amount for cats is $19.95 for premiums. There are no maximum accident benefit or illness benefit restrictions under this plan. 

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