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  1. Barry West

    He was sick while there but I decided to take him home and to contact another charity who may help- Celia Hammond; this was for Tuesday. That night, he cried in pain and I knew that he would suffer too much so I took him to an out of hours vet.
    I should have acted faster, had some funds put by and definitely enquired about insurance. The insurance may have been too late, but that small amount that I should have had put by and that I could have given the charity will haunt me forever! 

  2. Barry West

    I took him to the vets and I was told that the large lump on his knee may be serious and it would be best to put him down there and then! They were unable to help as I did not qualify for him to receive free treatment. If I had, they would have taken an x ray and probably would have saved his life! I had an opportunity to take him to the P.D.S.A. animal hospital, but I did not have a small amount of money, maybe 100 pounds, to go towards his treatment! 

  3. Barry West

    During the past three weeks, he gradually began to stop using his back left leg and was hopping on his right leg. Three days ago, he began to be sick a few times during the day and this continued until he passed. Two days later, I heard him crying a little and then knew it was getting serious.

  4. Barry West

    He passed away at just before 11 p.m. on Thursday, 12th April 2012.

    He arrived just before Xmas with mild lameness and was able to walk about, plus run, quite well and it only seemed a matter of time before he would be feeling completely better! He used to just groan a little at night, something I thought had nothing to do with the pain he was going through! 

  5. Dolli Partin

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