Pet Health Insurance Comparison –

The Veterinary News Network did a direct comparison of one test case using
four popular insurance companies. There are many companies with many
different coverage limits, deductibles, restrictions and even add on
coverage. We only had time to look at four companies. But we gave them the
exact same case for a head-to-head comparison. You may be surprised at what
we found.

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  1. There are so many pet insurance options out there, and as a pet owner, it's important to shop around, compare, and research them all before choosing one. Great comparison video!

  2. This is exactly what every pet owner should do when evaluating their particular pet. Get quotes, look at all the things that are important to you in a plan, and evaluate thoroughly. Thanks for going through this example and showing us how it's done.

  3. Dr. Jim, I appreciate your having covered pet health insurance — more people need to know about it — and especially VPI customers! I've done my own research and I have two comments: (a) yes, Trupanion has a great plan, but you've forgotten that they don't pay for exam fees! Adds up. Also, they don't cover hip dysplasia if you enroll dog at 1yo+; and (b) these days you just can't do a comparison and not include Petplan & Embrace. They are Trupanion's TRUE competition, not the others.

  4. If I had a choice, I'd pay for the exam and get 90% coverage any day.
    We simply did not have time to compare ALL the companies, just 4 on the video and 5 in our print coverage. Would take forever to compare them all, and many are so similar.

    I did just check Pet Plan for you. here is what I found. $62.00 a month with an $8,000 limit. Normal coverage but does not beat Tru.

    As for Embrace: they only pay 80% and limit of $10,000. others are better. 

  5. I never wanted to have to make a decision about my dog based on money therefore I do have pet insurance. We got him as a 6 month old rescue and now he is a little over three years old and fortunately he is an active healthy dog. It is more catastrophic insurance but I have never worried about the general expenses it was always those things which would cost so much it would be difficult to handle. At least I don't have to put out thousands of dollars for an injury or illness.

  6. i have a bulldog which are known to have health problems. pet insurance was offerd by my prev employer but not the one i have now wish i still had it. i know i can buy it on my own but havn't yet. another good source of info on various insurance is

  7. Many people agree with your line of thinking, commodore256. One reply to this would be "what happens if you get a new puppy and he/she has a major accident before you can save enough for an emergency?". Pet insurance can (not always) help minimize your out of pocket expenses, even if the policy is reasonably new.

  8. We deal with Trupanion and I can confirm everything that was said we had received a free trial so hadn't yet even paid a penny and our puppy had her accident they paid out over $8000 before my first payment had even gone through. she now has physio 3 times a week takes regular meds per day and they cover the full 90% of it all with no restrictions.
    Here's our story.
    Puppy Falls 30 Feet – Pet Insurance Story 

  9. Thanks for sharing this great video. It gets right to the point. I like to think of pet insurance like car insurance. Too many people think of pet insurance like human health insurance, which it's not. I've read good things about Embrace Pet Insurance too.

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