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I am an expat living in Pattaya Thailand, I am showing you the area not just the Bars and clubs but everything that Pattaya has to offer you whether on Holiday or an Expat living here ! Expat Health Insurance is an absolute minefield i try to research it and what i think about the whole thing of these letchers !


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  1. Karl Bedford

    Good topic this one Kev. The old insurance….is it worth it or not question. Luckily for me I have paid in NI contributions for over 30 years so I like you are entitled to free UK health care, if and when it's needed. We just hope we never do. Cheers Kev.

  2. David Balmer

    Sorry Kev wrote some lines with out listening to the complete vlog. On the coming home for treatment thing. If you're out of the UK you will have to pass a habitual residence test to get treatment. If you fail there is a ninty day wait before you can get treatment. Even a returning back packer would fail. As your not at state retirement age I don't think that you would pass. My step brother came home from Turkey hoping for a back operation and couldn't get treatment. So don't count on BUPA or the NHS

  3. Bruce Boggan

    Thanks Kev… International Living professes how great the medical care, and cost is there… I like you, don't see it… I wonder if they are required by law to treat a person, regardless if they can pay or not… Here in the States you can not be refused care, and worry about the bill later… As you can imagine, a lot of people have hospital bills, but it is better than passing away….

  4. Mike Dow

    Hi Kev … As per usual insurance companies want to take your money per limit what they cover or pay out and of course making how to find out extremely difficult usually buried somewhere in small print – I've sent you an email concerning holiday insurance and motorbike hire – you may find it worth passing on to the subscribers – cheers mike

  5. AltMediaRadio

    right, before our new wall gets built, you can sneak across through mexico-way.

    then you will dye your hair black and speak like a spainard, then off to hospital with your wrinkled ass, all expenses paid!

  6. Malcolm Alan Ward

    Hi Kev, I have International Bupa from the UK been with Bupa for twenty years, I have a heart problem used them quite a few times out here, never had to pay. But I do now pay almost 600 pound a month, not to sure how much longer can keep paying this as goes up a lot every year. I also have friends who have been back to UK for problems have to to wait a long time before treatment if you are out of the UK for three months.

  7. TheCaptcraig

    I also had the pleasure of securing health insurance a few months ago, here are a few interesting points that I discovered.
    Thailand has NO laws regulating the insurance industry, you can be dropped for any reason they choose.
    Many policies will cover you until the age of 70 which is when most people really need it. They at that point can either cancel your policy or increase your premiums and also lower your coverage. Some companies refuse to continue the policy after your 70th birthday.

    I finally located a broker in Bangkok who cleared up all the confusion and I settled for a policy that was the best of the lot (in my opinion).

    Be careful being self insured, hospitals in Thailand can refuse you service if funds are not readily available. If you would end up needing heart surgery and couldn't afford the 2 or 3 million baht charge they can and they will transfer you to a Thai government hospital who will treat you and give a time frame to pay the bill.
    Problem is Thai government hospitals are a place where you don't want to end up….Pay one a visit and actually visit the patient wings…. A very uncomfortable experience!

  8. Terry Royle

    Hi Kev, Good info Kev, the UK is probably going to be pay as you go or some form if private cover needed, my experience of the NHS isn't good, but a recent spell at a private hospital I saw a big difference…always a worry as you get older . Cheers Terry.

  9. Keith Clunk

    Excellent vlog subject for expats. 100% agree with the analogy that insurance is only as good as the day it pays out. As an expat living in Thailand now for 5 years I have self-insured for the last 4 of those. The first year was covered under a 12-month back-packer's insurance (not inc. USA). To renew, according to the small print, required a minimum stay back in my home country of 90-days. Glad I read the small print. Expat health insurance is a totally different ballgame to travel insurance. I PAYG with smartphone data packages, rental cars and girls .. So why not health insurance? .. Unless it's an accident requiring immediate attention I will return to my home country. Another reason I don't ride a motorcycle around Pattaya and always walk facing traffic on my side of the street.

  10. Vins Web

    bupa? so whats a 50 something year oid guy gotta pay. 3000 b a month for up to 600k baht payout. that's not much. you need a 5 million baht policy.
    Lead Copper Gold silver Platinum sounds like Americas obozocare.

  11. Paul G

    As a British citizen you can get free NHS treatment if you satisfy certain requirements.
    You must show you are living in UK. Period not specified.
    British citizen has automatic right of entry.
    Very complicated pdf available on Gov.UK.
    Good luck!!

  12. Farms Farms

    Kevin after 3 months out of England you can only get emergency treatment at A and E otherwise unless you kept a repeat prescription going you are buggered and give your old Doctor a call to see if you are still on their list , i have been looking into the medical insurance as i am now here living here again full time AIA seems the best what i have used before .

  13. Frits

    hi Kev maybe some what late but anyway.
    my dad has a friend living in hua hin and unfortenitly he became canser last year he had to pay afther operation 1.2 mil bth .
    And this men hade a insurance from holland both the insurance and the bangkok hospital came to agrement and the dutch insurence gave a garentee that would pay the bill!!
    just wanted to share this 

  14. Alan Bodell

    The Thai's aint fucking stupid are they Kev ?, i have been to 4 hospitals in Thailand from Yanhee in Bangkok to all 3 hospitals in Pattaya, great service in all but they take your passport until you pay, the NHS in Britain needs jogging into the real world and follow the Thai's coz the African women are rocking up to give birth here with great facilites and that is rant over mate.

  15. Peter Parker

    You think thats too much
    Try living in Australia
    Health insurance here $2500 per year if you don't pay the government takes it out of your tax money
    What do you get for it in Austalia?


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