Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Obama Cares!


PPACA as explained by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Narrated by Cokie Roberts.


  1. 1. Cost: taxpayers who pay for insurance will pay 100% to 200% next year.
    2. Uninsured include illegal aliens.
    3. Limits to what is covered will start soon to cut costs, countries with National Health Care, limit many services. Talk with someone from UK or Canada, they can't get specialty services, receive Dialysis beyond age of 55, or receive Hip surgery within several months of injury.
    4. Ask yourself why people from other countries come and pay cash in USA for health care. 

  2. can you give me the links to the sites with info on statement 1,3, and 4. and illegal aliens cant count because they are not supposed to be here buutt "Now, certain low-income illegal immigrants are eligible for emergency Medicaid coverage, including childbirth and surgery. And federal law requires hospitals not to turn away individuals for emergency treatment, even if they are uninsured (or undocumented), according to the National Immigration Law Center." quote from politifact.

  3. since they can not be turned away…. they have to be treated…. the government pays the hospital for the bill. i didnt say they were covered by the affordable health care act. by the way, that was a quote from a fact checking site. not my words. 

  4. If people get health insurance with pre-existing conditions, doesn't it fail to become insurance?Why not wait until you have some illness like cancer then get insurance and save more money?Possible loophole to exploit?

  5. You people who say that this is no good are stupid and probly just hate Obama read the bill for yourself and see which sides been lying….

  6. obamacare aka affordable care act is expensive, not patient-doctor centered care, no different from other insurance, unworkble, unsustainable, unfair, privacy intrusion, anti jobs anti businesses and a garbage insurance

    Repeal the whole damn thing! its a waste of tax payers money and more tax tax and out of own pocket monies

  7. It's kind of like seeing with one eye closed to call it a problem that 50% of Americans don't have healthcare. It misses the point that its amazing that 50% DO have healthcare. If 5 people get together to build a really cool swimming pool to spend the hot summer days in, and then 5 other people with open wounds want to swim in it, it's not an equality issue and the people who built it aren't poopy diaper heads for wanting the pool they built to stay clean and fun to swim in, right?

  8. Also, it says "the government will chip in some money," which is both egregiously vague about costs, and just outright illogical. The government doesn't have money. The government doesn't produce money. What it should say is that, "the government will hold a gun to the most productive people's heads and force them to chip in money. Then, rather than thanking or rewarding these people, it will take all the credit for producing the value and ask for your thank you in the form of your vote."

  9. The more laws the more corrupt.

    These people can bite me. They jack up health care costs and then force me to give money to the very companies and grops that have jacked up the prices? On pain of fines and jail? Using a law that is incomprehensible even by legal scholars?

    Thanks, but no thanks.

    You can play your game without my participation.

  10. What is in it is higher out of pocket expenses–loss of group plans in effect prior to the Village Idiots passing this legislation–and some employers no long providing group plans. How's that for you worthless morons who want to reward people who do nothing and punish those who work?

  11. 14,000 a year for healthcare??
    I'm an ex-patriot in Saudi Arabia and my company pays less than 1500 Saudi riyals a year for class B healthcare! including pre-existing and chronic conditions, I'm not talking 3rd world first aid level shit, I'm talking real services
    that' less than 600 US dollars a year! Sorry Americans, you are victims of fraud!!!

  12. I want EVERYONE to remember before Obamacare was pasted…. The news media outlets and television late night talk shows were calling anyone who questioned Obamacare a racist and conspiracy theorists. They simply assisted the government in selling this healthcare nightmare to the people. This is the same news media who is now promoting Hillary Clinton. They lied once, would it be a stretch to assume they are lying now again?

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