Pamper Parties – The Perfect Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Pamper Parties – The Perfect Birthday Party for Your Daughter

When it comes to organising girl’s birthday parties it can be hard to find an original idea that will be well received. Young girls are getting bored of parties at play centres and trips to the cinema. Fortunately there is a new type of party available that makes girl’s look and feel wonderful while still having a fantastic time. You may be wondering what these parties are, well they are pamper parties.

What is a pamper party?

A pamper party is a beauty salon experience party for girls aged 6 -16. There are not many beauty salons who cater for this age range which has left a gap in the market for pamper party providers. At a pamper party the birthday girl and her guests will be treated to a luxury make-over, which usually includes hair styling, nail art, a facial and foot spas. All treatments are specifically tailored to the age range of the party and all cosmetics used are safe for children. Most pamper parties take place at your home, so there is no need to transport all the birthday girls to and from a salon.

What else happens at a pamper party?

As well as the afore mentioned pampering most pamper party providers will offer some additional entertainment. The entertainment offered will differ depending on the age of the party guests, but more often than not will include party games, karaoke, dance routines and competitions. You may also wish to add some “extras” to your party. For instance your pamper party provider can supply you with non-alcoholic cocktails, chocolate fountains and party bags, which will help make your birthday party even more magical.

How can I find a pamper party provider?

Finding someone to organise your pamper party is relatively straightforward. There are many pamper party providers in each region. A simple search of Google should bring up a long list of those closest to you. Failing that you can look in your local yellow pages or business listing directory. When deciding who will be the best provider for your party be sure to check their websites. Look for testimonials and references as well as proof of police checks on their staff and public liability insurance.

It is also worth noting that the party providers will all offer different themed pamper parties. For example some offer Hannah Montana themed parties, while others have Glee and Grease themed parties. Choose the provider that meets your criteria best.

So, in conclusion, if you are looking for something a little bit different for your daughter’s birthday party this year you should seriously consider organising her a pamper party. Not only will her and her guest get to look a “million dollars” they will also have a fantastic time too.

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