No, Trump Is Not Backpedaling on the Affordable Care Act

Retaining two provisions out of ten thousand pages is not “backpedalling”:
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22 thoughts on “No, Trump Is Not Backpedaling on the Affordable Care Act

  1. MRxROID

    Dumb ass trump supporters….trump is keeping the system and clinton said she'll make health care free! Clinton would've brought peace and prosperity to the world while clinton will star ww3…..heard it hear first

  2. Mirin Brah

    I heard that Obamacare depends on young healthy adults to get the insurance, so that their payments help cover everyone else that is not as young and healthy. However many are deciding to rather just take the penalty instead, as it turns out to be a little cheaper. This of course wrecks the entire system, which is dependent on the healthy youth to be paying in. So they raise the cost, and some corporations drop out, and it fucks even more people.

  3. Cardborder

    The main reason that the cost of health insurance went up so dramatically was the elimination of pre-existing conditions.  People who never had insurance yet are unhealthy could now buy insurance at the same cost as everyone else. These people cost the insurance companies a fortune but that cost was supposed to be absorbed with young healthy people being forced to buy insurance they didn't want, need, or could afford.  We all know that  a lot of the healthy young people gave a big FU to Obama Care and didn't buy into it.  Now the insurance companies have to dramatically increase costs to everyone that does have insurance in order to cover the sick people with pre-existing conditions who never paid into the system prior to the ACA.  One of the big arguments against the ACA was that it allowed people to go without insurance (not paying into the system) until they got sick, at which time they would go buy insurance to cover the costs of care.  There is a solution, but keeping the pre-existing portion of the ACA will result in even higher premiums as the few people who are healthy, can not afford or want insurance yet bought it anyway will drop out of the system.  Their premium loss will have to be passed onto everyone else.  Obama wants Trump to keep the pre-existing portion so that whatever plan Trump comes up with will fail, at which time he Democrats will say "see I told you so."

  4. rcdny

    forcing companies to cover for pre existing conditions is still not a good idea. it forces ins companies to keep premiums on healthy people higher bec the pool is higher risk

  5. splayne100

    If any of these aluminum hat wearing morons had actually listened to what trump said in his rallies and in one on one interviews would know that he said all of this before. Nothing new here, folks.

  6. Robotrik1

    Styx — would you mind doing a comment video on the next Trump move: pulling together his White House staff ?
    I'm asking because the key personnel in there would be a clear indicators on what his presidency will look like.
    For example, more fresh ppl would go towards his"draining the swamp" bit , while more "establishment" ppl would go more towards getting the Republican House & Senate in tune, so he could get more things done on the ground for America .
    What are your thoughts on this critical phase ?
    A bit of info :

  7. Ja'h'el Cathartes Aura

    We all need to go online and rebut to so many who are blaming Trump's election for the now strengthened racist attacks & terrorism. Racist groups have convinced themselves that Trump is racist (bizarre) bc of some synchronicities they've exxagerated in their minds… glad they voted for him, as they usually don't vote. Some voted for the 1st time in their lives. But Trump's name is slandered now bc of their gaining strength based on their delusion.

  8. lliz j

    I hope H.A. Goodman watches this, as he's now parroting mainstream media, going on about Trump now going back on all the issues which got him elected – which is utter bullshit. He hasn't gone back on anything. Trump isn't even in fucking office yet and people are freaking out. Meanwhile, parts of our country are being destroyed by the 'Love Trumps Hate/Soros' folks.

  9. BL Kirk (TechHippieMedia)

    I suffer from multiple conditions that I'll most likely be treating for the rest of my life. while certain medications have helped, advice from fellow sufferers and experts on the internet have by far been the most effective. They say doctors destroy health, and I have lived that concept for most of my life. I would posit that we can drastically lower the cost of healthcare by using the internet as a first stop medical information resource. (This could also be a great way to "employ" currently unemployed, but of a certain intelligence level.) I've been lucky enough to ask for help and to see how energetically many Americans are bastions of information and helpfulness. We should encourage this, though it seems to need little encouragement, through sites that "hub" specifics. Right now we have WebMD, etc., but in many ways their hands are tied just as badly as western trained doctors (who, I will say, are expert at acute, emergency room, medicine). Most, if not all, streams, end in the mantra of "but see your doctor before doing ANYTHING!" That is often horrible advice. I have attempted, and succeeded, in treating myself DESPITE doctors, though I use them for scripts and testing. While it may be better to have neighborhood "medical guy/gal" at first, certain types of self-treatment can easily be handled if we educate for it.

  10. yugang08

    You're content on politics and social issues are damn good. i've always known about you from your early days primarily doing atheist content but never bothered to subscribe because i thought it was straight up derivative of other atheist channels so i figured i'm not gonna bother. now that i've seen a handful of your more current videos, now i've hit the sub button. sorry for taking so long and for putting you in a narrow box.


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