Mr. Anuj Gulati, Religare Health Insurance gives in depth insights into Health Insurance Market

Mr. Anuj Gulati, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer Religare Health Insurance participated in Headlines Today’s show — ‘Policy Bazar’, this week’s episode was focused on Health Insurance in which Mr. Gulati joined the panel along with Mr. Yashish Dadhiya — CEO of and talked extensively on health insurance and gave in depth insights into health insurance market.

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  1. Rakesh Krishnan

    I was in the market looking for a Health insurance policy for my mother who is ages 56 years and had a existing ICICI Lombard Health insurance plan for the last 3 years.

    Suddenly out of the Blues I received a renewal notice from ICICI Lombard saying that they have conveniently decided to increase the Premium amount by 2 folds.

    (I later understood that the reason for this sudden increase was because they had already received 3 years of Premium from me and now that my mother was covered for all Critical illnesses they just did not want to honor the Health Insurance plan and increasing the premium is a way to discourage old customer to move out of their system. Pretty Smart!)

    And just to be clear my mother has no pre existing illnesses and has never been hospitalized.

    So coming back I was looking for the Health Insurance portability option which is now a rule as per IRDA so I did some online research and go in touch with a company in Delhi called Medi Manage( – Rep name Snehal Dhanu who claimed that they were totally into guiding health insurance customer find the right policy for their needs.

    So she asked me to send her to details about my mothers existing ICICI Lombard Health insurance policy and later offered me 3 options and Religare Health insurance was a part of it. I choose Religare based on the advise received from Snehal Dhanu – medimanage.

    Now let me be clear Snehal and her co-worker did tell me that there is a possibility that Religare might delay the issuance of the portability policy as no one in the Indian Insurance industry wants to take on the risks from another Health insurance even though IRDA rules requires them to. But as we live in India I guess we must just accept such things as companies do not have any sort of ethics.

    So 2 weeks back Mr Shayam (Religare Health Insurance companies Manager) comes to visit my residence in Bangalore in order to collect all the documents and fill up the forms for my mothers health insurance policy.

    I asked him clearly about the Turn around time and he point blank lied to me that he will send me the receipt within 24 hours to my email id. I did not receive any emails (till date).

    They en cash my cheque on the next Bank's working day and I only get to know this due to my Bank sending me an sms.

    And then just silence…………………….

    I then get worried and send an email to Snehal at medimanage about the status of the Health Insurance but she says she is also surprised because she had expected Religare to have contacted me by now and completed the required Health Check up etc etc and my policy should have been processed. So i requested her to follow up on this and get back to me quickly as I did not want the prior policy to expire without a new policy in place.

    And Yesterday on the date when my ICICI Lombard Health Insurance is going to expire I receive a call from Snehal who tells me that Religare is not moving forward with the renewal as they are also following shaddy business practice of ignoring IRDA circular about portability and are also not giving a clear explanation about the delay. So I just told her to cancel the policy and have my money returned back ASAP. She then tells me that this might take like 10 working days.

    Now me and my mother have just been left to fend for ourselves where Insurance companies like Religare who build up good looking offices/Websites/ Brand Name and So called Managers like Shyam are only interested in pocketing their commission or reaching their monthly targets but then have no regards in order to follow up with he customer or providing accurate information.

    Please guys Do not take any Health Insurance policy from Religare Health Insurance company ever ! You will just get conned today or tomorrow at the day of renewal as I have already experienced it.

    Religare proposal Number – 1100400001759



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