Motorhome Holiday Essentials

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A washing line

If you are lucky, there will be sunshine most days while you are on holiday, so washing your clothes is no problem. Remember to take a line to hang your stuff on – trees and bushes are not always so practical! With all that time relaxing in the sun, there’ll be plenty of time to wash some clean clothes.

Reading Material

A lot of campsites have a pretty good ‘self recycling’ library – but if you are travelling abroad a lot of the books and magazines that get left behind are in a foreign language so it’s best to take some good reading material of your own. When you have a long journey to go to get to your destination, a good book will help you on your way, passenger, not driver that is.

Camera storage

Ensure you have plenty of storage on your camera, or extra memory devices for all those pictures you’ll be taking. Also ensure any pictures that are already on the camera have been downloaded first. There is nothing quite like wanting to take a picture just to find you have run out of memory.

Phone Charger

You could pack the one to charge the phone from the 12V cigarette lighter socket, but it would probably make more sense to have one that runs from the mains so it can be used in the van or at the campsite.

Travel Insurance

People still forget this vital holiday must have! You don’t want to go travelling without any insurance, especially abroad.

Motorhome Insurance

Check that your insurance policy is all up to date and covers exactly what you need. Ensure you have informed your insurance company of any changes to your circumstances.

Insect Repellent

Park near to water and you could be in trouble. Avoid the bugs by taking a good body and clothes spray and a good plug in.

Lockable safe

Keep your personal items secure. A lockable safe hidden somewhere within the motorhome is your best bet, especially if it is secured to the motorhome itself.

This list is by no means extensive list but simply some of the more common things forgotten when going on holiday. By making your own list and referring to it each time you go on holiday, then it is more likely you will have more of the thing you need rather than more of the things you don’t.

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