Minimum Requirements For Florida Car Insurance

State financial responsibility laws require residents to carry car insurance to legally operate a motor vehicle on public roadways.  With the current economic state, more and more drivers are searching for cheap car insurance in Florida.  With a high percentage of drivers operating their motor vehicle without insurance, it is important to communicate how affordable insurance can truly be.  Driving without insurance carries serious consequences.  If you are found driving without adequate liability insurance, you can face suspension of your driving privilege, harsh fines and jail time if you are a repeat offender.  Understand which coverages are required by law and protect yourself from being convicted for driving without car insurance in Florida.

Courts are cracking down on licensed offenders and imposing exorbitant fines and penalties for those who are found guilty of driving without insurance.  With laws stating your license and vehicle registration can be suspended for up to 3 years and increased fines, it has become more expensive to drive uninsured.  It is far more affordable to follow the laws of the state and carry at least state minimum car insurance in Florida.  Many may not be aware, but even if they are not pulled over the Department of Motor Vehicles can suspend your registration as insurance policies are electronically reported when they are cancelled or they lapse for non-payment.  Avoid being caught off guard with heavy suspension and reinstatement fees and drive with insurance.

Florida requires a vehicle owner to carry both Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage coverage continuously without lapse.  Because Florida is a no-fault state, the requirements of coverage vary significantly when comparing minimum coverages required in other states.  Personal Injury Protection must be carried no lower than $10,000.  This limit will protect the insured and the passengers in your vehicle for injury up to the limits specified no matter who is at fault.  

In addition to PIP coverage, the driver must also carry Liability coverage.  Liability coverage consists of Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage sections.  In Florida, drivers must carry no less than $10,000 per person and $20,000 per accident for Bodily Injury.  The minimum requirement for Property Damage is $10,000 per accident.  If you are on a tight budget, carrying both Liability and PIP coverages will satisfy the state and keep you safe against driving without insurance convictions and license suspensions.

While carrying the required car insurance coverages will keep you legal on the roads, it is important to understand the limits stipulated by the state may leave you at risk.  If you cause damage to one’s person or property, you can face wage garnishments and judgments against your assets if you are under insured.  Compare quotes from various companies and choose adequate coverage with a premium you can afford.

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