Medical Travel Health Insurance for Expatriate and Business Traveller Health care

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine is a leading Worldwide, Private Health and Medical Insurance Journal, that provides market leading data, news and articles, on the international private health insurance market, and the providers and executives operating within it. International Private Medical Insurance Magazine (iPMIM) is the ultimate Private Medical Insurance online platform and health insurance magazine, serving expatriate, corporate, health and travel insurance markets. Due to the nomadic nature of the international healthcare industry iPMI Magazine is an internet based news service, for worldwide healthcare professionals, who need to understand the impacts of healthcare and insurance policy, regulatory, and legislative developments. iPMI Magazine is the leading international industry voice, of the international travel, health, expat, assistance and private medical insurance market.

iPMI Magazine provides the most up-to-date guide to International Health Insurance news, articles, interviews, roundtables and company buyers guide.

International Private Medical Insurance Magazine is a leading International Health Insurance magazine, supporting leading Global Health Insurance Companies. iPMI Magazine provides Health Insurance Comparison, Private Medical Insurance Quotes, and a complete rundown on the market, providers, companies, executives, events, conferences, mergers, acquisitions and company results.

In recent years the International Health Insurance market has developed across cultural and physical borders, and what was a local service for local people, has grown into a worldwide intensive care unit. Globalisation, Global Mobility and the expatriate workforce has fuelled the need for International Health Insurance, for tourists, expats and business travellers.

Groups and Individuals, both business and domestic, search the internet for the best International Health Insurance plan and cover. The new breed of medical traveller or health tourist is also seeking International Health Insurance plans, to cover treatment abroad and potential required after care.

The iPMI Magazine International Healthcare Provider and Company Network Directory Guide covers Cost Containment, Air Ambulance, Medical Insurance, Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance Plans, Private Medical Insurance, Travel Assistance, Claims Management, Legal Assistance, Medical Assistance, Technology, Global Mobility, Risk Management, Roadside Assistance, Reinsurance, Corporate Healthcare and Global Employee Benefits, Expat Insurance and More!

Compare Health Insurance
You are a student, expatriate, business traveler or tourist: be sure to Compare Health Insurance and conduct a full Private Medical Insurance Comparison. iPMI Magazine provides a free, online, guide to Private Medical Insurance Providers, Expatriate Healthcare Specialists, International Health Insurance Underwriters and Leading providers of Medical Travel Insurance.

European Health Insurance Card

The European Health Insurance Card is not an alternative to a Private Medical Insurance Plan, and we advise all travelers, expatriates, to take out a Private Medical Insurance Plan, for all travel. Private Medical Insurance should cover you for emergency evacuation, and worldwide repatriation, which is a crucial component, in today’s risky world. Private Medical Insurance Plans You are an expatriate, business traveler or tourist searching to source a Private Medical Insurance Plan. Private Medical Insurance Plans come in all shapes and sizes and you must be sure to choose a reputable Private Medical Insurance Provider. Be sure to make a Private Medical Insurance Comparison so you can fully Compare Health Insurance plans.

There are a wide selection of companies and providers of private medical insurance plans, products and coverage. Private Medical Insurance Providers like Integra Global, HTH Worldwide, Now Health International, Expatriate Healthcare, Morgan Price International Healthcare, APRIL Medibroker, ALC Health, SJA International, Healthcare International, Cigna, Aviva, BUPA, AXA PPP, Allianz, Willian Russel, MediCare International, Aetna, Expatriate Insurance Services, IMG, You Are Global and more. If you are seeking to source a private medical insurance provider, International Private Medical Insurance Magazine can help. iPMI Magazine works with leading Private Medical Insurance Providers who can help you obtain the most appropriate medical and travel insurance coverage. Be sure you are covered for emergency evacuation and repatriation, as some traditional travel insurance policies won’t pay for that.

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