6 thoughts on “Massive Insurance Fraud

  1. dayglowgreendoor

    Top Ten ACFE Acronyms:

    1. Association of Corporate Fraud Enhancers
    2. American Certified Fraud Enablers
    3. All Corrupt For Everyone!
    4. Ain't Criming Frigging Excellent!
    5. All Corrupt For Eternity!
    6. Accepting Cash Fraudulently Everyday!
    7. Absolutely Corrupt For Eternity!
    8. Abysmal Corporate Financial Ethics
    9. About Certain Fraudulent Ethics!
    10. Abramoff Can Feel Envious!

  2. Ramiel

    Anything that has to do with money, or a Corporation who's only business really its to make money, has nothing to do with honesty, even if some honest people run the company the name of the game its "I make money from you". That is it, no but or maybe.

  3. Ramiel

    @dhass87ify Exactly. You know I'm disappointed with people because they have lawyers and businessman running their country but for some reason they expect to be taken care of?
    The lawyer's job is to defend criminals for money, the businessman wants to sell people a product from which he can rip as much profit as possible… and people give them the command and control of the country?? Common!
    Glad to see more aware people out there.

  4. Tom Gober

    @john64360 I am sorry but I can not imagine what you are talking about. Please let me know the details as you heard them because I work very hard to help victims.

  5. Anthony Ribadeneira

    John, Tom responded to your allegation. Care to respond back? Seems like Tom is spreading the best disinfectant there is (light) on a very extensive and shady aspect of American Accounting – fraud!


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