Man Loses Health Coverage “My Health Insurance”

A man endures shabby treatment and inflated costs from a profit driven health insurance system. The HD version of the animation.

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7 Replies to “Man Loses Health Coverage “My Health Insurance””

  1. I see how this video represents the meaning of life, A man constantly tries to file more money for health insurance, it simply cannot. We as people aim towards a goal we can never achieve, it is the human spirit. You, John, have achieved true immortality for your great animations. I've seen space and all of the beauty of each star yet none compares to the HD quality of your animations. What don't make dollar don't make sense, but you make sense to me John. I nearly pooped my pants when I saw your channel keep up the good work.

    Thanks for Reading

  2. Another great one, Andy. Ever since this Barack Obamacare came into office, I've been paying hundreds of extra dollars to pay for some lazy hippie to get free treatment for his weed addiction! America, land of the free? More like "America land of free rides for moochers!". THANKS O-BOMB-YA.

  3. He no well becase of clowd at start. Dam u clowd! HAa LOLF!!! But serios, it sad our contry make u pay hundred million dollar 4 ambulanse ride this days. I break foot when yong and doctor only charge tewenty dollars to fix and give free prostate exam after because I not pooing 4 in a while. Thows were the days. Animatin in this vid is awsom!! I like how people are fuzzy when move cool efekt john I like!!!  Make seem like dreem bad dreem for poor sick man that is. Oh I like how he thrown into see with garbage. Piss laughing!!!! Your rule John!

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