15 Replies to “Man attempts to pay mortgage with Cash, Bank of America refuses!”

  1. The police officer can not identify what/how/who is to secure, a crime or who is suspect of a crime. The officer is not an authority for money transactions. Bank maybe had the right to refuse to serve services. Bank official or relations officer did not convey appropriate bank-customer relations. BoA must post signs of appropriate procedures not to dismay customers. Police must serve both the public and institutions. Civilised but sometimes situation are prone for mistakes. Waste of tax dollars for the police, bad publicity for the bank. The police and bank actions can not win public trust. 

  2. Farmers would have mailed the check to Bank of America then if there weren't any outstanding payments such as late payments then BOFA would have endorsed it done deal Now the Question is why didn't BOFA accept an cash payment? the 2nd is question why didn't he go to the teller to make a payment?

  3. At the risk of sounding naive what would be the problem with having to wire the money other than the fact that it's incredibly cumbersome and to go over there with cash only to have the back turn you down arbitrarily?

  4. I really don't like bank of America, I did close all my accounts and moved to CHASE BANK,Where i have an excellent service and they will never call the cops on me for bringing money to the bank, I like when Americans fight for our rights,You are right they are wrong,Cops are there dogs what they don't realize is that bank of america is eating the budget for the police retirement sad. All this situations since Obama came to Our white house.

  5. Who knows what nonsense these corporate entities will take offense at anymore but it seems they haven't run out of farcical things yet. Are the police in America ever going to figure out what their jobs are, who they are supposed to protect and serve in non-criminal encounters with the public. It was obvious who/what the cop was ‘protecting’ and who he felt answerable to … corporate America.

  6. you should tell the bank you will potentially pay the mortgage when that cop graduates from high school or gets his ged   . that could take some time . potentially

  7. They can not refuse this. I mean, i have seen way worse. Dude, next time, do it in pennies. It's legal tender and is cash. They can't refuse it, it doesn't need to be rolled, and they have to sit there and count it.

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