MADtv – Commercial For State Ranch Insurance – Just Like a Good Friend

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MADtv’s – State Ranch Insurance with Chelsea Davison, Adam Ray, MIchelle Ortiz, and Carlie Craig

Video Transcription:
just like a good friends state ranch is
here i have been a bad bad naughty boy

and I need some spankings cherry

Oh Alice hey what’s going on

car stuff duh yeah I’m your agent that’s
why I’m here

what do we got here I you know what it’s
um it’s nothing I this is a bad time

that’s a good a time as any

I was just at a costume party at my
master’s house friends move that that

friends house they have master’s degrees
that’s why I said that

ok let’s take a look

Oh Jerry really good no Jerry and it’s
just a bump I’m gonna drive home I can

deal with it later

no no no let me take some notes that’s
why I’m here

Jerry is that particular usually is a
pen it’s a feather that i use for

dusting that we’re doing right there and
we’re good let me just take a couple

pictures on my phone and we will be all

Oh Jerry not my normal pants keep
forgetting that this is a warming lotion

Jerry it is sorry but not for car stuff
maybe you should call someone else isn’t
working out

yeah just like a good friend state
ranch is here

wow what that Oh Alice Jerry hey I
wasn’t doing cocaine

I was just smelling my table mirror I
don’t do okay unless I mean you guys

have any know Marjorie we don’t keep
google just like a good friend stay
ranches here dead all dead

okay Alice ok god is it i’m switching
providers tomorrow I don’t care how

annoying flow is

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