Looking for Car insurance in the UK WTF prices?! 2012

back in 2012 was my 2nd year of driving and none of my insurance quotes are under £1000. this country sux!

this is one of the cheapest cars on the UK roads to insure. the only car cheaper is the Fiat Panda.

Update: Cheapest quote so far is £945.16

Update: now it is 2015 and i am 26 years old with 3 years driving experience and no claims. i now have a Fiat Panda and my insurance is still high. no crashes or insurance claims and still my insurance is £700 🙁 🙁

36 thoughts on “Looking for Car insurance in the UK WTF prices?! 2012

  1. Phen0mable

    I'm 32 years old. I hold UK driver licence for less than a year. No penalty points. Today is 6 Dec 2014. I just found ford focus 8 years old. 1,6 petrol zetec worth £1200. Cheapest quote £1780 £3000 exes. I also looked at Peugeot and vauxhal with same or similar result. This is sick. Since tory government the insurance seams to get out of control 

  2. fab

    Insure it at another address, price will drop massively if u have a friends hse to use. Just dont get caught, yes they say u cant to that but hey there robbing u blind otherwise

  3. jaszczur89v8

    For example the polish insurance for a car like nissan 350z (engine 3,5l v6 petrol 2000year) its under 200£ (900zł) per one year. Sportbike like kawasaki ninja zx9r 2000 year about 40£. (210zł) :)

  4. Alexander Brunskill

    I'm 20 years old and unfortunately have had two accidents. On was a fault claim and the other a non fault but I'm shocked at your insurance! I have a 1.2 2011 volkswagen polo and I have now 1 year no claims and my insurance is about 450 for the year. The only year my insurance was bad was the first year were it was £2043 then I had a fault claim and my insurance went down to £735? Thought it would of been higher then again unfortunately had a non fault accident and now its 450. I sometimes think insurance companies had no idea what they are doing 

  5. mike manhu hughes

    im 26 years old they still want 2000 pound drove for 10 years now im not paying that and im not buying a shity small 1 liter as they are built shit. the queen is on crack and in wales you need a car to travel to work slum dog uk

  6. dubar khan

    car insurance is sky high in london. the cheapest was £1600. on a bloody 1.0 litre car. its a rip off price. unless the uk government does something about this rip off car insurance prices.

  7. dobias28

    I am form Slovakia. In my country I've paid for my insurance for a skoda Felicia 1.3L engine €79 per year (an equivalent of 3rd party), then I've had a Peugeot 206 2L diesel for €112 per year and now I've got a skoda Fabia 1.2L and the insurance is €94 per year. UK car insurance cartel is ripping the whole country off.

  8. casperwhitworth

    I want to start driving this year this is fucking ridiculous how expensive does everything have to be! It's cheaper to go fully comp? No wonder they steer you towards third party what a corrupt system!

  9. Ausilia Bradanini

    This ended up one of the best car insurance companies. That I’ve ever been with low cheap quotes and customer care is amazing!!!! I strongly recommend +bestautoinsuranceusa. com+

  10. astandet

    Thanks for posting this. It's beyond me how they can charge more for 3rd party only. They get away with everything, no control whatsoever by government over insurance industry, they're part of the same clique.

  11. Adam Law

    The reason why third party ONLY Insurance is much more expensive is because young drivers who don't care about the car will use the cheapest option which was once third party and theycwould wreak other people's cars and houses due to shit driving hence why it's more expensive because it's to try and reduce that

  12. Franku Doge

    I'm 17 years old and My mum has a 61 plate Citroen c1 and it would cost me £436 for 3ed party fire and theft per year, but a Brand a NEW 125cc motorcycle would cost me £1200 WTF!!!!!!!!!

  13. Adrian. Universals/vds

    everyone lets move to Scotland its cheaper.lol or Germany you dont pay any insurance at least if you want to its on your own risk if you crash you pay the all repairs etc. other European countrys they wont ask for more then 1000euros or 2keuros depends on the car.

  14. streetbass 786

    check this one out then…. i'm a 44 year old bloke who has over 10 years no claims bonus and i bought myself a cheap peugeot 307 1.4 hdi on a 51 plate, with £30 a year road tax, i payed £180 for the car and i got a quote from swinton insurance and price was £1200 third party fire and theft, propper piss take…..

  15. Re David

    25 y.o, male, 6 years driving licence, no accidents, convinctions, whatsoever:Audi 2006 A4 S line 5.500£ up to 13k.Ford Fiesta 3.500£.
    I would be better off paying fines if caught!!!!

  16. Callmethe G

    in Newcastle!!! the cheapest insurance for me is £3500 excess £3000 if you crash deposit £700 i just passed my driving test! are you fucking with me???? Fucking dick suckers , taking these kind of money from people just to tell you that they cant help you if you get in an accident but the money they take from you is fucking sick! I was so happy that i gat my license, it eas my dream till i found out the prices for the reinsurance! i dont have fucking Lamborghini you cunts!

  17. InternetTroller9

    Living in the UK for 1 year now (originally from Croatia, 21 yr old, 3 yr eu driver license), cheapest quote i've got was approx £7000 WITH that black spybox ffs and without that blackbox minimal £9500.
    I've checked few weeks ago again and now it's arround £6500 with blackbox and without it cca £7500
    Fucking unbelieveable
    Car is VW Touran 1.9 TDI plate 56 and will probably sell it. Final decision…sadly.

  18. adeel ahmed

    My dad hes 59 years old he passed his license 32 years ago n he has 16 years no claim bonus and he still pays £1200 for Honda Civic 1.4 petrol 2005 which worths £1400. I recommend dont drive wiv out license and insurance dont put another in danger.


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