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When shopping for insurance, there can be big differences between calling an 800-number and speaking to a local insurance agent.

Two of the biggest differences are customer education and the ability to tailor an insurance plan to a customer’s specific needs — both of which local agents like Linda Gelcius and her team members at her State Farm Insurance agency in Doylestown, Pa., specialize in.

“Generally, when you call the 800-numbers, you don’t get a person with any knowledge of you or your personal situation. They are selling a product,” Gelcius said. “They tend to quote you bare minimum coverages because people say they want to save money. But that may not be the best thing for you.”

“We want customers to make the best decisions for themselves,” Gelcius continued. “We strive to educate customers as to what kinds of coverage they may need and that they may be missing out on.”

Gelcius and her team have a passion for getting to know their customers, by talking with them face-to-face or over the phone, to address specific needs and concerns.

She said her team wants to make sure their customers have the best protection available to meet their needs should something unforeseen happen — all without exceeding their budget.

Other benefits to working with locals like Gelcius? Consistent follow-up and a deep dive into available discounts.

Gelcius and her team regularly reach out to customers to review their coverages — just to make sure customers’ needs haven’t changed. They also look into a person’s unique situation to determine each and every discount a customer is eligible for.

Customers calling an 800-number, on the other hand, may have to specifically ask for certain discounts to receive them.

“Our job is to educate people on the discounts available and make sure they take advantage of them,” Gelcius said.

Thanks to their personal approach and attention to detail, Gelcius and her team have again been voted Best of Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Linda Gelcius’ office is located at 252 W. Swamp Road, Bailiwick #21, Doylestown, Pa., 18901. She can be reached at 215-340-1222 and

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