Liberty Mutual Insurance Presents Zaituni and Madeleine’s American Story

After a tragic accident left Zaituni Murphy widowed, she made the decision to leave her home in Tanzania 32 years ago to come to America for a better future for her and her three-year-old daughter, Madeleine. While it was a difficult decision to leave her home for a country where they knew no one, Zaituni was determined to provide her daughter with a good education and the opportunity for a bright future.

For Zaituni, the Statue of Liberty is the perfect symbol of her experience in the United States. As she says, “It’s this strong woman, and she has a sense of direction. She has triumphed, and she is fearless.” Zaituni’s own fearlessness and perseverance have inspired Madeleine. As their American story continues, Madeleine says, “Everyday, I’m reminded to not waste my time here, and not waste any opportunities that come my way.”

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4 thoughts on “Liberty Mutual Insurance Presents Zaituni and Madeleine’s American Story

  1. Alfonso Ramos

    This is an impressive story but, my mother Graciela Ramos's story is much, much more impressive and harder to beat.. My mother was born and raised in San Fernando Tamaulipas, Mexico and with only second grade education she immigrated to the US in March 1969 with 5 of us siblings and had 6 more here in the US within the next 9 years. She lost my American born father Jesus Ramos in July 1986 and was forced to finish raising my younger siblings the youngest of which was barely 8yrs old. She is a story of success because she never re-married and finished raising her children all by herself and not even one child went the wrong way in life.. Now days with the way the world is,  it's hard to raise even one child or two children right. Most of us brothers and sisters have successful jobs and college education.  If she wouldn't have lost her first boy in Mexico who was just months old in 1957, I would have 7 brothers right now not 6 and 4 sisters.  In July this year it will be 29 years since our father died. One thing I'm sure of is that I'm thankful I still have my mother, bless her heart, who will be 77 in June and my 10 siblings are still alive. This, I believe, is a true American Success Story….


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