Liberty Mutual Insurance Presents Bruce Yang’s American Story (Short)

Bruce Yang first learned about the United States when he was given a picture of New York City by his grandparents, who had recently returned to Taiwan after visiting the United States, and was surprised that a place like this actually existed in the world. A few years later, his parents decided to move Bruce and his siblings to the United States for the pursuit of a new life with more opportunities and freedoms. When Bruce arrived in America, he saw the Statue of Liberty, reminding him of the exact picture his grandparents had given him years earlier and realizing this was his new home.

After being in the country for 24 years, Bruce has realized that being an American means being whatever and whoever you want to be. As an avid runner Bruce finds similarities in marathons and being a new citizen, “At the beginning you’re confused and fear the unknown, but when you cross the finish line you feel accomplished and like you achieved something.”

For Bruce, being an American means giving back to the community, working hard and setting a good example for his son and he shows how if you are willing to work hard, you can do almost anything you want.

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