Learn How to Keep the Claim Free Discount

Keep the Claim Free Discount

Did you know that most homeowners insurance companies offer more than one homeowners insurance policy? The price of the policy and the coverages provided can vary greatly depending on the type of house, the type of roof, your credit score, the age of the house and many other things.

There are millions of homeowners claims filed each year that are non-fire related.

Here are some suggestions on ways you can keep your claim free discount:

Inspect your gutters. Ice and snow can loosen gutters causing a change in water flow. Leaves can cause water to flow over the gutter and result in water in the basement.

Test the sump-pump. Pour water into the chamber and make sure it drains properly.

Check the roof. Change in temperature can cause cracking and ultimately – leaks.

Walk the yard. Make sure that the grading drains water away from your foundation. Flower beds can settle and they tend to be close to the foundation wall.

If you can find things that may pose a problem and remedy them it may be the difference between having a large insurance claim or not having one at all.  This will also help you from having more expensive premiums.  Talking to a local agent can be the difference.  The old saying is the ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  So make sure you inspect your gutters, test the sump pump, check your roof for leaks or faulty gutters, and walk the yard.  To learn more about homeowners insurance you can visit:  http://www.insuremyhouse.com/inspecting.html

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