Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance: Aspects of Coverage

When evaluating PLI for lawyers, it’s important to get down to the core issues – how much is covered, what is covered, etc. At AFPD, the details are important, so we’d like to provide you with an example of what you should expect from a high level and quality of coverage.

– Broad coverage for claims alleging negligent acts, errors or omissions in legal services rendered, including claims alleging personal injury

– Policy deductible does not erode the limit of liability

– Pro bono coverage is not excluded

– A far-reaching definition of insured, including the firm’s current and past attorneys, etc.

– Insured versus Insured coverage where an attorney-client relationship exists

– Defense costs coverage ($25,000) for disciplinary hearings

– Crisis management insurance, providing up to $50,000 toward the fees of a public relations firm to help mitigate the damage certain “crisis events” can cause to an attorney and a law firm’s reputation while helping to prevent claims and mitigate damages

– Loss of earnings coverage (up to $250 per half day/$5,000 for the policy period)

– Coverage for fiduciary liability claims arising from legal services

– Flexible Bilateral Extended Reporting Period (ERP) options

– Up to $10 million in limits for qualifying firms

– Definition of the term damages includes punitive damages (to the extent permitted by law)

– Worldwide coverage is provided

– Severability applies to certain exclusions

– A toll-free loss control hotline is also available to all Insureds at no additional cost

– Minimum Premium of $1,000

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