Keep your car road legal – it’s the law!

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Laws are there for a reason, especially when it comes to safe, responsible motoring.  These laws apply to both us as the driver and also the car itself. We are all well aware of the laws which are well advertised through big awareness campaigns, including those surrounding speeding and drink driving etc. However there are many laws that apply to your car.

Road Tax
In order to drive on the road your car must be taxed. Proof of your vehicle’s valid road tax, in the form of a tax disc, should also be clearly displayed in your car.

Driving without a tax disc can lead to the police or the DVLA pulling you over and in some cases cars can be seized and crushed by the authorities. Normally the DVLA will send you a reminder letter when your car tax is due. However you shouldn’t rely on this, just in case it doesn’t reach you for whatever reason.

The amount you pay will depend on your vehicle and more recently its emissions.

MOT Certificate
Every car over three years old requires an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test pass and certificate as proof. An MOT approved garage with a qualified mechanic will usually carry out a test for around £40 ensuring that your car meets the minimum safety requirements.

If your car fails it’s MOT then the garage will detail the areas that need fixing, if these repairs can be carried out within a defined period, many mechanics will re-test the car free of charge.

Car Insurance
In order to drive on the roads you need to be insured with at least third party cover so that if you are involved in an accident then the third party is covered. Ideally you should have your own car covered as well; this is “fully comprehensive” insurance.

These are all legal requirements for driving a vehicle on the UK roads. Of course there are other legal requirements which you should adhere to. If you fail to satisfy the law then you run the risk of points on your licence, disqualification, fines and worse still, having your car crushed at your expense. Don’t risk it – stick to the law and stay safe and trouble free!

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