John Sheeley’s 4 Hour Affordable Care Act Webinar

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John Sheeley, EA takes the experienced practitioner through four hours of training on the Affordable Care Act. Topics include:

1. A primer on the State exchange

2. Role of the Internal Revenue Service in the Affordable Care Act

3. But we’re NOT insurance agents!? The PERMANENT Impact of the ACA on tax practices, client interviews and the tax professional’s role.

4. What is Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)?

5. Exemptions from MEC

6. The Individual Shared Responsibility Payment – what it is and how to calculate it

7. The Premium Tax Credit, the Advanced Premium Tax Credit — calculation and recapture

8. Handling the client who really through his health insurance was $47 per month

9 . Immigration status and the Affordable Care Act.

10. Preparation of forms 8692 and 8965

11. Rules for the newly married and newly divorced.

12. BONUS – A discussion on the methodology for pricing

13. BONUS – When and how to communicate practice changes and ACA information to clients

Tax Practice Pro Inc is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Sponsor. Four credits are awarded for attending this course.

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