John Lewis: Behind the Scenes of our 2015 Home Insurance Advert

Take a look behind the scenes of our new John Lewis Premier Home Insurance TV advert

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The advert tells the story of a young girl with a passion for dance, who has a series of potential tiny mishaps as she pirouettes through the house. The idea of letting life happen plays out through the parents being relaxed enough to let their daughter follow her passion without having to worry about potential accidental breakages. After all they can be safe in the knowledge that they have John Lewis Insurance in place.

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The music is the original song ’Tiny Dancer’ performed by Elton John. Available to download now:

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24 Replies to “John Lewis: Behind the Scenes of our 2015 Home Insurance Advert”

  1. I've just seen this advert today, in where else, John Lewis and fell in love with the dancer…oh and her little brother (pretend). I had to go home and watch it again as I had stood there with a massive smile on my face (and a tear in the eye) after a third reprisal.
    Love, love, love. I think I need some home insurance…honestly.

  2. What a fabulous ad – it speaks to all of us who were ever children! Declan, you and Ruth have obviously done a great job in bringing up a young lady who isn't afraid to have adventures. She'll grow into a mature, confident adult. Well done everyone.

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