Joe Wilson Vindicated – Obama DID LIE About Health Coverage For Illegals

As Nancy Pelosi said, “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it”. Well, at least she didn’t lie about it in that statement. However, when Joe Wilson challenged Obama and stated “you lie” because of Obama’s claim that his health care reforms would “not apply to those here illegally”, he was slammed for challenging that claim and forced to apologize. Now the bill has passed and we get to see the truth. The bill provides coverage to migrant and farm workers, but medical centers WILL NOT be allowed to ask about the immigration status of those patients, which means that illegals WILL, without a doubt, be receiving coverage from ObamaCare! Obama DID “lie” about it! Just one more nasty little suprise exposed in Obama’s unconstitutional “affordable” health care reform.

5 thoughts on “Joe Wilson Vindicated – Obama DID LIE About Health Coverage For Illegals

  1. UCSDEngineerDoctor

    OBAMA needs ILLEGALs to vote for him, just like ACORN, the democrats are whored out to the ILLEGALs & all the UNION jobs that cater to them. From the teachers, COPs, JAILGUARDs, these UNION jobs are what OBAMA JOBs BILL want to grow. These jobs will suck more money out of the TAX PAYER, which is already bankrupt by the first stimulus that was used to pay off the UNIONs that cause the recession to begin with. President OBAMA is the most corrupt stupid IDIOT to hold office.

  2. Robb's Homemade Life

    All elegibilty and verification procedures were removed from the bill.In their place was a simple declaration that illegals are not eligible so politicians can cover their butt and tell upset constituents that the bill says no illegals can get free healthcare under the bill.
    Bend over tax payers, because here comes free healthcare for milions of illegals.

  3. James S

    $20 million will send 40,000 back to their home country and their families.  Cheapest way to handle this.  Let them get a green card and be a legal documented worker if there services are needed.

  4. Vincent Jones

    The ENTIRE Ovomit Nocare scam was based on a lie. Ovomit claimed it was not a tax, and it was NEVER passed as a TAX (congress never voted to create this new TAX). That means it is a lie and should be repealed (in fact, since Ovomit claimed it wasn't a tax, why didn't he fight to stop it? Because he wanted to pass it the same way FDR lied about Social Security, that's why). It was passed on a lie and should be voted on as a tax, then we will see who wants to give us the BIGGEST tax increase in USA history.


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