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Jeff shares his experience how he approached Jim for advice on a serious auto claim with another insurance company. After listening to the claim specifics Jim provided some recommendations on the best approach to handle the situation which helped avoid some serious insurance and potential legal complications. He gives Jim Kreisman 5 Stars for his insurance experience and willingness to help others that are not his client yet!

The biggest compliment was Jeff took the time to create a video review and allow Jim to put it online for everyone to see. There is a reason so many of Jim’s clients do video reviews! He values their relationship and always goes the extra mile. Call Jim today at 480-491-8585.

Farmers Insurance – Jim Kreisman
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Scottsdale AZ, 85258
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We also service the following areas in Arizona:
Black Canyon
Cave Creek
Paradise Valley
Queen Creek
Sun City

Our Specialties Include:
1 Auto Insurance
2 Homeowners Insurance
3 Business Insurance
4 General Liability Insurance
5 Term Life Insurance
6 Cash Value Permanent Life Insurance
7 Key Man Life Insurance
8 Whole Life Insurance 
9 Health Insurance
10 Realtor Insurance
11 CPA & Accountant Insurance
12 Commercial Real Estate Insurance
13 Commercial Habitational Insurance
14 Commercial Auto Insurance
15 Commercial Wholesale Distributor Insurance
16 Commercial Manufacturing Insurance
17 Restaurant Insurance
18 Hotel Insurance
19 Insurance Marketing
20 Umbrella Insurance
21 Workers Compensation Insurance
22 Insurance Risk Management
23 Guaranteed issue Life insurance
24 PTO Insurance
25 Church Insurance

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