Jeffrey Guterman at American Counseling Association’s World Conference April 16, 1999 in San Diego

Jeffrey Guterman at the American Counseling Association’s World Conference on April, 16 1999 in San Diego, California. Topics (continued…)

Topics include:

1. Relationship between postmodernism, solution-focused counseling, individual counseling, multiculturalism, and social reform

2. Assumptions of postmodernism
a. Not-knowing position
b. Language systems
c. Nonpathologizing

3. Brief therapy by default vs. Brief therapy by design
a. Change viewed as “flight into health” vs. natural, expected mechanisms
b. When therapy is brief by design, brevity is the residue of the counselor’s perspective

4. Principles of solution-focused counseling
a. Focus on what’s going right, rather than what’s going wrong
b. Using the client’s worldview as the organizing metaphor for change, rather than an educative process where the counselor provides a corrective experience for the client
c. Small changes can lead to big results

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