Jacksonville Florida Cyber Liability Insurance Agency | Densmore Insurance

Jacksonville Florida Cyber Liability Insurance Agency | Densmore Insurance

Cyber crime hasn’t happened to us, so why should we invest in insurance coverage?

Just because you haven’t been a victim of data breach doesn’t mean that you are immune to a cyber attack. In reality, cyber crime has risen to the No. 1 threat to business existence for the second year in a row. Consider the depth of this statistic: the No. 1 threat to a business staying open to customers isn’t fire, general liability loss, auto loss, or workers’ compensation loss. Instead, it resides in the reputation destruction, future viability damage, and loss of customer confidence as a result of pesky cyber thieves.

Today, more than 90 percent of businesses with under $100 million in revenue, including those located in Iowa, have not purchased cyber liability protection. However, each day we’re working to spread awareness on the value of this essential coverage, translating education into long-term protection. At Densmore Insurance Strategies. Inc., we specialize in securing cyber liability insurance for our clients, in Iowa as well as a selection of other states. The best time to purchase insurance is before a loss – after the fire, it’s too late. Take our advice, and get on board with cyber security protection.

For many of our competitors, the purchasing process for cyber liability insurance includes a lengthy application and extensive warranty statements. This method is designed to narrow coverage triggers in the event of a claim. In addition, many policies carry a sub-limit for expenses, which can cause complications in the event of a claim.

Instead, our agency operates in a different fashion by implementing a streamlined process with an online application. This allows clients to secure comprehensive cyber security coverage in just a matter of minutes. Think of it as less time handling insurance, paired with more productive time invested in your business.

At Densmore Insurance Strategies, Inc., we specialize in cyber liability insurance in Jacksonville FL, Orlando FL, Miami FL, Tampa Bay FL, We are licensed to serve Iowa, Florida, Missouri, Arizona, Texas, Tennessee, and Illinois.

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