Is Pet Health Insurance A Good Deal?

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Everyone loves their dogs. Your dog health care is important, but is pet health insurance worth all the money that you would pay out? Consider that there are not many places that offer pet insurance to begin with. Many of these places that do offer insurance for Rover have quite a few stipulations that make your insurance pretty useless. Most policies won’t cover certain breeds because their genetics dictate that they have quite a few health problems. For instance Daschunds. They have a genetic disposition to have back failure early on in their life because of the long length between their front and back legs. Many dog health care providers won’t cover them because of this.

When looking into getting pet health care, make sure that you weigh all the options available. Make sure that your dog will be covered even when he gets old. Many pet health insurance places don’t cover annual trips to the vet, preexisting condition, certain breeds or even some procedures. If your dog hardly ever sees a vet, you might as well save the premiums and not bother at all. You will spend more money on the monthly insurance coverage cost than you will taking your pet to the vet to be treated, with no actual guarantee that they will be treated once they get there.

When considering getting pet health insurance to protect your dog health care, shop around before you buy. Chances are, your insurance company offers pet health care but it might not be the best. Just because they have been a long standing company, doesn’t mean they have a long standing with providing pet health care. Some of the best places to look into are;

  • ASPCA- they have been working with animals the longest
  • Veterinary Pet Insurance- a company solely for your pets
  • AKC Pet Health Care Plan- they provide insurance for only purebred animals
  • PetCare Pet Insurance- once they are enrolled, they must stay enrolled for the rest of their life
  • Pets Best Insurance- thee is no age restriction for accepted animal breeds
  • State Farm Insurance- Offers multiple animal discount
  • Embrace Pet Insurance- only covers dogs to age eight, cats to age twelve
  • Purina Pet Insurance- does not cover annual exams or diagnostics
  • Blue Cross Pet Insurance- treats your pet like people
  • Pet Plan USA- Offers coverage through age ten

No matter the reason that you are considering pet insurance for your beloved family members, weigh all the options for your pets and make sure that pet insurance is going to be worth the cost. If it is unlikely that your animal is going to use the insurance, save yourself the money and don’t bother.

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