Is it Worthwhile to Buy the Additional Rental Truck Insurance When Renting a Truck?

When you plan a move, you will have to consider how you are going to get all of your belongings to your new place, especially the large items. Most people will often rent a truck to move all of their items. This allows them to cut down on the number of trips they have to make. One option you have to consider is whether it is worthwhile to purchase rental truck insurance.

In order to determine if you need additional insurance is to check to see if your insurance company will cover a rental truck. Not all insurance providers offer truck rental insurance. Rental truck insurance is offered by rental companies and there are number different types of insurance coverage that can be offered.

You can acquire insurance from a rental company that will provide coverage for such events as truck rental theft and physical damage for incidents that one’s personal, auto, or credit card insurance will not cover. Companies will also offer a Physical Damage Insurance where one has no financial responsibility for any loss or damage. As well, one may have the option of choosing Limited Damage Insurance where one is responsible for the first $500 of loss or damage. Both types can provide coverage for all loss, damage to the rental truck, and towing, impounding, and administrative expenses.

Another type of insurance one can acquire is Liability Insurance. Liability protects against physical injury claims and property damage claims made by others in the event of an accident. There is usually a liability limit of $1,000,000. It is important to review any exclusion that may be listed in the policy. One may also be able to choose Personal Accident and Cargo (PAC) insurance. This can include benefits if you or your passengers are injured, or your belongings are damaged. It can also provide coverage for loss of life and medical expenses.

Tow Protection is another type of renters insurance which can cover damage to one’s vehicle while it is being towed by the rental truck. Coverage can also include: fire or explosion, flood, windstorm or hail, overturning of the rental truck or towing equipment, and collision of the rental truck or towing equipment with another vehicle or object.

People can usually sign up for additional truck insurance when they go to pick up the truck, or sign up online when one books their truck rental. Your rental agreement will state the additional insurance you have purchased. Before you choose a truck rental company, it pays to shop around for the best deal. It is important that you have complete coverage before you begin to drive the rental truck. As well, if you are crossing state lines, make sure that you are covered in other states.

If you are not covered by your own insurance provider, you should obtain additional truck rental insurance. Using a rental truck is an easy way of moving your belongings. It is important that you are covered so that you do not end up with an enormous rental expense.

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