Is Dental Insurance Worth it? | Do I need dental insurance?


Is Dental Insurance Worth it? | Do I need dental insurance? If you are wondering if there is an affordable alternative to dental care – there is.

In fact, over 8 million people have already studied what was out there, and found out about a great product, called a Dental Care Plan

You see, DENTAL CARE PLANS are NOT dental insurance, which means you can purchase it separately outside your insurance, and use it to save money at the dentist on your next visit

How does it work?

FIRST, you find out how many dentist are in your area that accept the care plan you want to purchase.

SECOND, find out how much each procedure costs in your area, and what the discounted price is through the plan.

THIRD, do the math. If you save money paying for discounted service and the total amount is less than a annual dental insurance premium, plus your co-pay – then you’ll want to join the dental care plan.

If you have a small co-pay, and a small monthly premium, and you need a lot of dental work, the dental insurance plan is often times the better deal.

FINALLY, you sign up, which is usually a $25 to $50 set up fee PLUS a monthly amount averaging from $6 to $25, based on the plan and how many family members are included.

Dental insurance seems like a good idea, but most plans cover very little. Look to Care Dental Health Savings, which offers discounts that can save you more money in the long run.
Care Dental Health Savings is here to offer you the best prices of affordable dental care plans. call them today at 1-855-622-1322 to speak to one of their specialized dental plan assistants, or visit their website at

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