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You are a business traveler, expatriate or tourist searching for the best private medical insurance. Private Medical Insurance comes in all shapes and sizes and it is important to fully educate yourself about private medical insurance. Private Medical Insurance provides medical insurance coverage for expatriates, mobile workers, business travelers and tourists enjoying a holiday. Private Medical Insurance is a critical component of any travel list, regardless of what you may, or may not be doing, whilst travelling abroad. Accidents do happen, and when you least expect it. Private Medical Insurance may give the traveller peace of mind, when visiting far away lands. To source Private Medical Insurance is much easier in 2012. There are a number of leading household names that provide Private Medical Insurance for expatriates, leisure travelers and business people working on Global Mobility programs.Leading Private Medical Insurance Magazine iPMI Magazine (International Private Medical Insurance Magazine) is a digital health insurance publication covering the expatriate, health, travel and medical insurance, and assistance markets. iPMI Magazine is a comprehensive guide to international healthcare and provides up-to-speed coverage as news breaks.

A daily platform to keep up-to-speed, iPMI Magazine remains digital, to serve a truly nomadic audience. If you have been asking yourself the following questions about Private Medical Insurance, iPMI Magazine may be the magazine for you:

What is private medical insurance?
What are the benefits of private medical insurance?
How much will private medical insurance cost?
Why should I buy private medical insurance?
What is the difference in private medical insurance and travel insurance?
Will private medical insurance cover me for emergency evacuation?
Will private medical insurance cover me for an air ambulance repatriation back to my home country?
Why do the private medical insurance companies want to know about my pre-excisting conditions?
If I die, will private medical insurance help my family repatriate mortal human remains?
What will private medical insurance cover?
Will private medical insurance coverage cover ground ambulance costs?
How do I make a claim on my private medical insurance plan? Private Medical Insurance Companies News Quotes Articles FAQ’s Interviews Videos Media

The iPMI Magazine News and Provider Network Directory covers all aspects of the Private Medical Insurance market including Cost Containment, Air Ambulance, Medical Insurance, Expatriate Healthcare, Travel Insurance Plans, Private Medical Insurance, Travel Assistance, Claims Management, Legal Assistance, Medical Assistance, Technology, Global Mobility, Risk Management, Roadside Assistance, Reinsurance, Corporate Healthcare and Global Employee Benefits, Expat Insurance and More! Subscribe today to access our premium content.

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